Fitness Friday!

Being injured sucks…big time.

I think that some people do have a greater propensity for injuries than others. Unfortunately, I fall into the former category, but didn’t realize it until I got injured. Now I’m forced to back track and take precautions I should have taken before trying to do too much too fast. Good news is my efforts are starting to pay off! My goal is to be able to run as much as I want without any pain and, although it’s a slooooow process, I’m beginning to notice my legs returning to their former, non-injured state.

For those of you who are dealing with a pesky injury, I advice the following:

1. Visit a sports therapist/doctor who has knowledge of your sport and can advise helpful ways to rehabilitate without you going crazy because you can’t run/bike/swim as much as you would like.

2. Strength Training – I’m a big fan of lifting weights and love the multitude of benefits that having strong, healthy muscles brings. However, make sure to talk to someone who knows how to lift so you can learn proper form and not run the risk of injuring yourself more.

3. RICE – Rest (Give yourself time to recover! I know this is hard, but it is also a crucial part of recovery), Ice (I normally try to ice an injured area, even if it’s not hurting at the moment, twice a day for 10-15 min each time), Compression/Elevation – I mostly suffer from pulled muscles and don’t practice these last two, but they are crucial if you have a severe injury.

And my favorite:

4. Read! There are a lot of great books, magazines, websites for different injuries and how to treat them. Opinions differ though, so make sure you take any advice with a grain of salt and read many different opinions before choosing the recovery plan that’s right for you!

Stay injury free and have a great weekend! 🙂

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