‘Tis the Season

Every Christmas season I try to find groups and organizations that I can donate money towards. While I give donations year round to various charitable organizations, it’s nice to find different causes that I can either give as gifts to others or learn more about beyond dropping clothes in a Salvation Army bin.

This year my gifts went to a group called Heifer International. I’d heard about the organization a while ago and wanted to take the time to invest in such a worthy cause. Heifer is built around the concept of giving a gift that keeps giving for many years. Almost all their gifts are animal based and range in size (and price) from honeybees to a clutch of chicks to a heifer. There’s even a gift called An Ark where fifteen pairs of animals are given to families in need around the world.

The idea behind giving living gifts to families in need is that the gift will multiple a thousand times over and give beyond the family to which they are given. The family who receives the gift not only is trained by Heifer staff on how best to feed and care for their animal, but is encouraged to then pass on offspring to other members of their village so the gift can grow exponentially. These animals can provide more than meat as they also give offspring or eggs or fertilizer or labor to the families in the village.

It’s a really awesome! 🙂 And it’s a great feeling to know that the gift I give this year will continue to be appreciated beyond this holiday season!

I hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter!

  1. It sounds like a great organization.

    I did some giving this holiday season and it felt rewarding.

    Happy holidays, Sami!

  2. Thanks, Medeia! Happy holidays to you too! 🙂

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