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Planning a Getaway

  It’s that time again. Time to plan my summer vacation and where I want to getaway for a week. In case the picture wasn’t a giveaway, my mind is on somewhere warm, secluded and relaxing that’s close to water. Ahhh…. I’m taking a little mini-vacation right now just looking at this photograph!

Everyone needs a little R & R every so often to recharge and rejuvenate the soul, mind, and body. That comes in various forms for me as I like all sorts of escapes. Mountain cabins, beach houses, foreign lands, even cities. Each one has their own unique offerings that peak my interest and make me want to check that locale out.

Maybe you’re the type of person who gets refreshed by laying by ocean or hiking through trails or flying to some exotic location, but regardless I think it’s important to find time to relax. And maybe it’s difficult for you to take a trip right now and that’s okay too! A night of relaxation where you don’t answer your phone or think about work or kids or whatever it is that you need an escape from is a great way to get your spirits up and give you energy you need to keep on going.

This year I really am craving a beach destination, so I’ll be busy plotting and planning my escape and hopefully not daydreaming about it too much at work! 🙂

Rainy Day

Some people don’t like rainy days, but I love them. I might change my tune if I lived in a place that is perpetually gray like London or Seattle, but rainy days come and go in the midst of beautiful sunshiny days here on the east coast so I don’t grow tired of them. I’m one of those people who loves, LOVES to be outside as much as possible. Even when it’s freezing and icy, I’m outside running or walking my dog. While I do occasionally enjoy a good rain romp for the most part it gives me an excuse to stay inside and get all the things done that I keep meaning to do but put off so I can play outside. 🙂

As it is currently pouring, here is my list of things I wanted to do today:

1. Blog

2. Grocery shop

3. Work on my book #2

4. Sort through all the library books I keep meaning to read but have reached my two renewal limit and have yet to read them 😦

5. Go through the enormous pile of papers that now has a name (Henry) before it decides it’s hungry and I have to go grocery shopping again.

6. Prep for the colored pencil class I’m teaching – yikes! – tomorrow.

So, keep raining dreary sky, so I might have a fighting chance to get all this stuff finished! 🙂