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Tales From the Library

Super Librarian and the Ghosts in the Rafters

Yet another inexplicable occurrence that has left me with only one logical conclusion – ghosts are invading the library.

Here’s what happened:

For many years there was a gentleman who volunteer his time to shelve items for the library. Because these items were mostly videos and DVDs, he was dubbed with the moniker of Video Bob. Now Video Bob was elderly and got sick and, I’m sorry to say, passed away. His presence was greatly missed and our lovely staff even made a sign for one of the carts that says “In Memory of Video Bob.”

There are many patrons and staff who love the library and when they pass on they will sometimes leave a legacy of donated books or money or something to that effect. Not Video Bob, he’s decided to leave himself. I first noticed him one day a few months ago. While working at the desk I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. Our library, which was recently renovated, has very high, contemporary ceilings complete with wrap around windows and long hanging lights. When I looked up from my work I noticed that one of these lights was swinging on its cables. Back and forth, back and forth.

Well, it was probably a draft you say. Maybe the vents were making it move you say. Normally I would agree with you except for a couple of odd things – one, the lights only began to swing after Video Bob had left this world, two, whenever it happens it is only ONE light at a time and I’ve seen different ones move on different days and three, the force that the light is swinging looks like someone is hanging on it and pumping back and forth making it arc wildly. They move so fast that several patrons have come up to us and asked if they were safe because it looks like the light may snap the cables it’s hanging from.

While I do think I have a very healthy imagination from all my years of reading, all these are true facts sans embellishment. And while I haven’t seen Video Bob chilling on the stacks reading a novel, I do think his presence lives on at our library.

Thus concludes this week’s Tales From the Library!

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