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Author Websites

I have perused many an author’s website both for this blog and for my own general interest in the realms of literature, as I’m sure many of you have. There are some that are very well done – and, by the looks of it, professionally done – and others, well…not so well done. It’s really fun for me to browse the sites of my favorite authors, blogs, and interests as many have creative and inspirational themes, set ups, designs, etc.

Most recently I was on a website for The Prophecy of the Sisters for Michelle Zink as I always like to create a link in my book reviews to a site for my readers to find out more about the authors I review if they so desire. It was created by the Hachette Book Group and seems to be part of a marketing campaign for her book. It had flash graphics as the intro followed by a creepy room (replete with eerie music). You can click on any item in the room and you are brought to a page that gives an author bio, info about the book, youtube video, icons you can copy, etc. I really enjoyed it and it was different from a lot of websites, so it resonated with me. Zink also has a personal website, which I find more and more authors have, where the author has a regular blog, pics, info about books/tours/etc.

I think that because of the vast popularity of social networking these days, authors are eager to use forums aside from the standard book talks to showcase their writings as well as engage their audience. Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are just a few networking sites that authors are using to share information both about themselves and help to support fellow authors. The YA fan base is an ever-growing one that has long since outgrown the perimeters of actually being a “young adult” and authors, publishers, and agents are catering to this vast market  more and more through online means of communication.

I like blogs and sites that are:

1. Maintained on a regular basis or, if not, have a reasonable explanation for the hiatus.

2. Interactive links and graphics

3. Information on upcoming books and tours

4. Images and videos that aren’t just the cover of their books

5. Authors giving props to other authors – it’s all about community after all!

Bonus: Authors giving back to help the world at large (ie. Supporting a cause outside of writing that they believe in)

Here are some other of my favorite author websites:

1. Michelle Zink

2. Craig Thompson

3. Neil Gaiman

4. Lauren Oliver

5. Stephen King

What are some of your favorite sites?