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Running Skirts – To Wear or Not to Wear

runningskirts  I recently finished reading Run Like a Mother by Dimity McDowell & Sara Bowen Shea. In it they touted the wonderfulness of running skirts over shorts or spandex. While I’ve seen women wearing skirts at many races I’ve gone to, I had never considered wearing one myself. But when I read about how fun and practical they are to wear, I started thinking twice about solely wearing shorts and spandex while running.

It seems as though there are a lot of pros regarding wearing running skirts:

1. Comfort – With built in briefs underneath created to prevent riding up, skirts allow for more freedom of motion as opposed to the shorts which have an unfortunate tendency to bunch while running.

2. Keep Cool – Allows air to circulate freely while wicking away sweat.

3. Fits runners of all shapes and sizes – A flat waistline fits snugly without the tightening elastic that a lot of running shorts and spandex tend to have. also sells maternity skirts.

4. Storage – Roomy pockets are found on many running skirts make for convenient holding places for keys, cash or gels.

5. Fun and stylish – With unique patterns in exciting colors these skirts would make going out for a run even more enjoyable.

With so many benefits, I’m already shopping around for my first running skirt! 🙂

Happy Running!