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Happy New Running Year!

Resolution Run 2013 logo

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2013 and no matter how you chose to ring in the new year, today is a great day to start building those good habits and positive changes that you hoped to establish when that final calendar page turned.

Today I’m starting my new year with a 5k Resolution Run. When you enter, you can write a short sentence of your resolution for 2013 and the race organizers print out all the resolutions for people to read. Some are inspiring, some funny, some serious, but all look forward to what could be a reality in the year to come. It’s one of my favorite races of the year not just because of the resolutions but because it’s so well organized, has a great running course through neighborhoods where sleepy families come out to their driveways to cheer the runners on, you receive a hooded sweatshirt instead of the traditional t-shirt, and it sets the tone for building those good new year’s habits.

Happy Running New Year! 😀


Running Toward the New Year

Male Runner in Snow   2013 is fast approaching and with it a fresh page on the calendar. While I’m a big proponent of making year-long resolutions as it easier for me to stick to goals if I make and follow through with them throughout the year, there is one special running goal I have for 2013. Run at least one race each month for the entire year.

I’ve thought about accomplishing this goal for a while, but haven’t been able to follow through due to various circumstances. 2013 is going to be the year.

Lately, my free time has been spent searching online for races in my area for each month of 2013. I’d like to run shorter races each month culminating in a half marathon or marathon next fall. Not only will the shorter races be fun, but they will help prepare me while I’m training for my longer race in the fall.

I’m sure I’ll set additional running goals, but this is my primary one. Do you have any running or fitness goals for the new year?

Happy running! 😀

2012 Writing Resolutions

  A new year means new goals for many people. This morning I ran a 5k called the Resolution Run because for me it’s sets a perfect tone for the new year. Well, that and you get a kick butt hooded sweatshirt each year. 🙂

Part of the race packet given out to all entrants is a list of people’s resolutions for the new year. As I read through them I noticed that many revolve around the common goal of weight loss. Run more, eat better, stay healthy, feel great. Some were more personal – find someone to love, spend more time with my family, get out of debt. And some were funny. My favorite was “My 2012 Resolution: 2450 x 1080 pixels.” 😀

Personally, I like to make resolutions throughout the year just because I’m more likely to keep a resolution if I say I’m going to make a change and then implement it immediately rather than waiting for a new year. But I do make goals for things I’d like to accomplish for the upcoming year. My big goals for this year? Finish writing my next YA novel. Find a agent. Keep working toward getting published.

I’m working toward this goal already by: 1. Making time to write (and making more time!!)  2. Building my social networking platform 3. Reading great articles about writing 4. Reading, reading, reading 5. Finding a great writing group to help critique my work.

What are your writing goals or goals in general for the new year?

Happy 2012!!! 😀