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Writing Playlist

I recently read a couple of interviews with authors in the latest Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market where the authors create playlists for the books that they are writing/have written. I thought that was a really interesting idea, one that I’d never considered doing myself. I know creating book trailers for new novels is becoming popular and that music often ties into those videos, but to build a playlist? That was a new one.

It got me thinking about the songs I would match up to not only the book I’m working on, but to other favorites as well. My running playlist is filled with upbeat songs with fast tempos that keep me energized throughout my runs. If that makes me feel excited with adrenaline pumping, then how perfect would those songs be for my book?! It would be akin to matching the perfect song to any given scene in say the Twilight movies or Harry Potter or Pump Fiction. Very different scenes, very different songs.

So what would your book playlist look like? Do you think or create playlists for your books now?

Happy writing! 🙂