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It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey. Want a good book to read? Stop by and see what’s new in the world of literature!

I’m happy to report that the Pitchapalooza event that my library hosted was a huge success! After months of planning, it’s a relief to not have to think about making sure all the details are covered and that the event goes off without a hitch. We had more than 80 people present, which is about room capacity, the weather was amazing for March, and no last-minute disasters occurred. It was wonderful. Even Arielle and David, the Book Doctors, said how there were many great pitches, more than usual even! People are already clamoring for them to come back for another Pitchapalooza, but I’m happy to take a break for a little while. 🙂 The winner of the event was actually the leader of the NJ Children’s Writer’s Guild with her pitch on a bi-lingual picture book she’s been working on. Very cool!

As always, I’m filling in my free moments with lots of writing and reading. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

   Feynman by Ottaviani & Myrick – Despite not understanding much of physics, I’ve always been fascinated by the sciences, especially areas like physics and quantum mechanics. When I saw the shiny new copy on the amazing Richard Feynman come into the library, I snatched it up. Not only was Feynman a leader in the world of theoretical physics, but he worked on the controversial Manhattan Project, a secret atomic bomb making project sanctioned by the U.S. As I’m reading this biography in graphic novel form, I’m learning a lot more about the great man and liking him even more than before!




The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball – Can you imagine living a hipster life in a rent-controlled apartment in NYC one minute then packing all your worldly possessions into your hatchback and moving to a farm? Thus begins Kimball’s memoir, taking her readers from supermarkets, heels, and a vegetarian existence to a run-down farm, work boots, and eating every (EVERY) part of a slaughtered farm animal. Funny and eye-opening, this is a wonderful book on CD. While some parts are cringe-worthy, it is amazing how a life calling can yield such bountiful results. Although not an easy road, Kimball shows her readers what it’s like to learn farm-life from scratch and learn to love every minute!




Slow week for me because of all my running around, but hoping to add some more titles before the week is out! Happy reading! 🙂

Tales From the Library

As I’ve said before there are many, many patrons of the library who are kind and respectful and courteous and pleasant. But a story about somehow who comes up to the desk and offers to donate some books or settle up their 20 cent fine because “they don’t want us thinking badly about them” really don’t make for sensational stories. The stories I enjoy telling are the ones that are so ludicrous that you can’t help but laugh.

Here’s a recent favorite:

A man walks up to the circulation desk and asks that I personally check in his DVDs while he is standing there so he can make sure they are off his account. Fine. I understand that the library can make mistakes and if I have the time to acquiesce I have no problem doing so. Now, this patron always has a pile of new DVDs to be checked in which means that they will inevitably be on hold for another patron. This means that every time I check an item in it takes longer because I then have to fill out a slip of paper and send it on to the next patron. Also not a big deal, it just takes more time.

The one day that he asks me to do this however is a day that we were slammed with work. I mean lines of patrons, holds to be processed, heaps of books waiting to be checked in, etc. So I politely ask this gentleman if I could check them after I was finished helping the line of patrons so they wouldn’t have to wait as long. No, that was not okay, he said. So rather than dealing with a tirade, which he was brewing up to have, and wasting more time I checked in his items.

Once that was finished he gave me his wife’s library card to pick up her holds. I grabbed them from the hold shelf and returned to the front desk. He sorted through them and asked where such and such DVD was because it had said “In Transit” this morning and really should be there by now. I told him, still cool, calm and collected, that items “In Transit” don’t necessarily get in that same day. He said, well I just returned one that you checked in and it wasn’t due yet so can I have that back? I replied, the same DVD your wife is waiting for is one you just returned? Yes, he said, she likes to have her own copy to watch.


After I told the man that because he wanted me to check his items in, they were now promised to whatever patron is next on the list and no, he couldn’t have the DVD back. He wasn’t happy but my boss had my back and he left (somewhat) quietly.

At least it keeps life interesting! 🙂 Until next time…

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Tales From the Library

Super Librarian and the Ghosts in the Rafters

Yet another inexplicable occurrence that has left me with only one logical conclusion – ghosts are invading the library.

Here’s what happened:

For many years there was a gentleman who volunteer his time to shelve items for the library. Because these items were mostly videos and DVDs, he was dubbed with the moniker of Video Bob. Now Video Bob was elderly and got sick and, I’m sorry to say, passed away. His presence was greatly missed and our lovely staff even made a sign for one of the carts that says “In Memory of Video Bob.”

There are many patrons and staff who love the library and when they pass on they will sometimes leave a legacy of donated books or money or something to that effect. Not Video Bob, he’s decided to leave himself. I first noticed him one day a few months ago. While working at the desk I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. Our library, which was recently renovated, has very high, contemporary ceilings complete with wrap around windows and long hanging lights. When I looked up from my work I noticed that one of these lights was swinging on its cables. Back and forth, back and forth.

Well, it was probably a draft you say. Maybe the vents were making it move you say. Normally I would agree with you except for a couple of odd things – one, the lights only began to swing after Video Bob had left this world, two, whenever it happens it is only ONE light at a time and I’ve seen different ones move on different days and three, the force that the light is swinging looks like someone is hanging on it and pumping back and forth making it arc wildly. They move so fast that several patrons have come up to us and asked if they were safe because it looks like the light may snap the cables it’s hanging from.

While I do think I have a very healthy imagination from all my years of reading, all these are true facts sans embellishment. And while I haven’t seen Video Bob chilling on the stacks reading a novel, I do think his presence lives on at our library.

Thus concludes this week’s Tales From the Library!

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Tales From the Library

People are funny.

Every time I think I’ve seen everything, some unique individual wows me with their creativity.

This past week my supervisor let me know that from now on any time we see a handwritten note on a CD or DVD label we are to give it to someone to create a new label. For example, through the course of borrowing a disc might go missing or the insert to a CD case. Most times after the issue is resolved but the item in questionable is lost, the circulation staff will make a note on the label that such and such is missing. This new policy however will do away with that method.

Why? Because a patron noticed that we wrote on the labels and when she lost a CD in the set she borrowed she wrote “1 CD missing” on the label before she returned it!

Clever, clever patron.

The lengths people will go to as to not accrue a fine. Amazing.


This is what it looked liked this morning when I took my dog out for a walk. It was a winter wonderland! 🙂

I worked until 9 last night at the library and kept checking outside to see how the roads were as I have a bit of a far drive on back roads in order to return home. Around 8 it was flurrying but nothing was sticking to the roads so I wasn’t too worried. At 8:30 a thin covering was just on the sidewalks and by 8:45 it was really snowing heavily. By the time I checked the conditions the parking lot was already covered with a blanket of snow! I was able to leave a few minutes early so I had a better chance of getting home safely. I think I may have hit 30mph on my way home it was snowing so hard. I couldn’t even see the lines on the road! Fortunately there weren’t many cars on the road and I made it home without any problems.

I was scheduled to work this morning but the library is having a delayed opening so I won’t be going in at all today. Instead I’m going to continue to work on my book, bike on my indoor trainer and go for a long snowy walk. Even adults get to enjoy snow days every once in a while. 😀

Tales from the Library

While I do tend to find the most bizarre and irresponsible stories to share with you, there are also wonderful stories as well. Most people who come through the library are kind and friendly and appreciate the library and all the resources we provide. They’re just not quite as fun to write about. 🙂

Here’s a fun story that made me smile:

A little boy about four or five came into the library with his grandmother. The grandmother was there to pick up a DVD that the little boy had been waiting for. Problem was, the item was on her granddaughter’s library card and she was in school. Because of NJ privacy laws pertaining to library accounts, we need either the card or the child in order to access the account and as the grandmother had neither we were unable to check out the DVD to her.

When the grandmother, who was very understanding, relayed this information to her grandson, he looked at her in all seriousness and said, “Well, I guess we have to pick her up early today then.”

Enjoy your Thursday! 😀

Tales From the Library

Tales From the Library presents:

The Case of the Bad Liar

Starring: Me as the Library Superhero

Bad Guy as the Big Fat Liar

and Book as the Innocent Bystander

It was a dark and stormy day

It started out like any other day

My day had been going well until Big Fat Liar showed up, then it got even better.

I was at the circulation desk, minding my own business (okay, not really, but what kind of Library Superhero would I be if I said I was bored and looking for a rumble?), when in walked Big Fat Liar, although I didn’t know it at the time. He sidles up to the desk (as any good villain would) and asks if I can demands that I renew his three books. I politely oblige. At the final book a pop-up message appears telling me that there is supposed to be a CD included inside the back cover. I, being the diligent librarian that I am, flip open the back cover only to discover that – EGAD! – there is NO CD! Horrors. I proceed to inquire if the CD is perhaps still at home waiting to be returned upon its new due date. No, Big Fat Liar says, there was no CD in the book when I checked it out. Hmmmm…Well, I said, there’s a message on the item letting our staff know that there is a CD and thus it wouldn’t have been checked out sans this important element. Oh, said Big Fat Liar. Yes, he said, there was a CD, but it was broken and there was NO WAY he was going to stick that thing in his CD player so he just (DRAMATIC PAUSE) – threw it away. !!!! Yes, folks, he just threw it away, because that’s just what you do when you want to GET RID OF THE EVIDENCE.


I told him he could pay for it when he returns his items (like he’s ever coming back!) and put a message on his account – because that’s just how librarians roll. Bad ass, I know.

I was just happy that this time an adult lied straight to my face, he at least didn’t have his kids with him.

Until next time! 🙂

Tales From the Library

It’s time again for more Tales From the Library!

In our exciting episode this week, a young heroine saves the day (again) and a crisis is averted.

I love it when things go missing at the library. Not to toot my own horn (why do people say that? one, someone always follows that statement with exactly what they said they weren’t going to do and two, it sounds kinda dirty), but I believe one of my super abilities is to find missing books at the library. I’m like one of those drug sniffing dogs except I find books instead of crack and I don’t sit or bark when I’ve located the item in question. Yesterday, a colleague was trying for a while to find a missing hold for a patron. Frustrated, and aware of my special talents, she asked me to lend an extra set of eyes. Our hold shelves are probably about six shelves high and wrap around the back of the circulation area, so there are several hundred holds at any given time. I walked over to an area and pulled out the hold! It was a W shelved with the S’s and totally hidden among the other holds. After my colleague got over her shock and awe, she told me I had planted it there just to seem special.  🙂

If only I could market these abilities somehow…

This has been another episode of Tales From the Library! Tune in next week for the Case of the Bad Liar.

A Room of One’s Own

Everyone should have a room to call her own. A place to retreat after a long day. A place to meditate, write, read, blog or just unwind. Whether you dub it a sanctuary or your man cave, I’m sure you have a spot in your house where you can go to escape.

There’s a room in the home I share with my girlfriend that was once an established office space. But, because she knows my pathological affinity for books, she has supported my addiction through the recent purchase of bookshelves for the room. Now, hundreds of my tomes that have, until recently, lay dormant in boxes in our garage (poor things!) now sit on happy perches upon the aforementioned shelves.

If you: A) Find yourself drooling, B) Are trying to read the titles of the books or C) Hear angels singing, then you, my friend, are a bibliophile.

These are most of my books 😉 And the shelves are actually quite deep and most of them have another row of books behind the first set. It’s glorious.

It’s a wonderful feeling to walk into the office library and see all my familiar friends. Putting them on the shelves was like getting a ton of birthday presents as I had forgotten what books I even owned! Now I’m in the process of sorting through the rest of the not fun stuff from my boxes (papers, trinkets and the like) and organizing the rest of the library to make it viewable to the public eye.

How about you? Do you have a room of your own? What does it look like?

Tales From the Library

I wore two new hats as a librarian this week:

Animal Rescuer:

A tiny, tiny snapping turtle – this thing was the size of a quarter – showed up on the library doorstep the other day, lost and afraid. Ok, I don’t really know if he/she was afraid, but looked nervous! Fortunately, a co-worker saw the little guy before it was stepped on and called me over. I picked it up and I was instantly surrounded by a cluster of librarians inquiring about my new friend. A rescue posse was quickly formed. The turtle was consequently put in a small dish and walked down to a nearby creek to live another happy turtle day.

Bank Teller:

A twelve year old and his grandmother walk up to the circulation desk. The grandmother nudges her grandson and kind of sidles away without looking at me. The boy waves a hundred dollar bill at me and asks if we could give him smaller bills for it. I check the drawer to see if we have any change and another librarian says we should probably check with our boss first. She laughs and says – No, we’re a library, not a bank! I tell the kid and he and the grandma go about their business. Good thing too – later I learn that there had been several fake hundreds being pawned off at various stores around the area!

Okay, not really. That would have been a much better ending, but reality is not always that exciting. 🙂

Until next time!