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Why Do You Run?

I was thinking the other day about running – well, I think about running every day to be honest – but that day in particular I thought about why I ran. Then I thought about how it’s interesting how everyone runs for different reasons. Some people run away from things. Some people run to things. Some people run because they can’t help themselves. One of the reasons why I read so many memoirs, especially running memoirs, is because I find it fascinating to read about what makes people become runners and how running has shaped their lives and who they are today.

Why do I run? Here are my top ten:

1. TO STAY FIT – Running is a great way to tone muscle, improve heart and lung function, and lose weight.

2. MENTAL HEALTH – Let’s just say I’m a much nicer person and feel better about myself if I’m able to run on a regular basis. 🙂

3.  TIME TO PROCESS – Because I internalize a lot running helps me to process my thoughts both with my life and on whatever I projects I’m working on – especially my writing!

4. SOCIALIZING – It’s great meeting new people at events and races and through the online running community. There’s always a new friend around the corner.

5. PUSH MY LIMITS – Whenever I think I can’t give anymore I push myself a little farther. This has helped me in life whenever I’m exhausted and think I can’t do any more.

6. BUILD CHARACTER – Running has helped show me ways to be calm under stress, become stronger, and learn more about myself.

7. SET, AND MEET, GOALS – Signing up for races has been a great way for me to learn to budget time, meet short-term and long-term goals as well as feel proud once I’ve accomplished those goals.

8. GIVE INSPIRATION – I’ve gotten to talk to so many people about running and living a healthy lifestyle that people notice that I’m different and want to follow suit!

9. ALONE TIME – Because I process so much internally, running gives me the opportunity to think and get into a good frame of mind.

10. BECAUSE IT’S FUN! –  Let’s face it, all these reasons are an integral part of why I run, but it’d be a lot harder to run if I didn’t enjoy so much. 🙂

Happy running! 🙂