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It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

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Now that the crazy holiday season is over, I finally have time to sit down with my blog (and my books) and update you all on what I’ve been reading. Yay! 🙂

American Vampire by Scott Snyder, Stephen King, and Rafael Albequerque – One of the most beautifully illustrated graphic novels I’ve ever read, this tale is not for the faint of heart. Touted by the king of macabre as taking back vampires and returning to their heartless, blood-lusting origins, Stephen King is true to his word. Originally created by Snyder, he brought King on to write and plan the storyline for this new series that takes vampires back to the late 18th – early 19th c. The story is engrossing and made even more vivid by Albequerque’s representation of the story in graphic novel form. If you don’t have a queasy stomach, I highly recommend it!

The More I Owe You by Michael Sledge – A novel of historical fiction, Sledge writes in captivating prose about the poet Elizabeth Bishop and her journey to Brazil. Her two week holiday turned into a seventeen year stay when she falls in love with architect and socialite Lota de Macedo Soares. Wrapped in the wonderful and tenuous dichotomy of a turbulent political era in Rio de Janeiro and the beauty and creativity of the women’s lives, both together and as individuals, Sledge manages to hit a perfect pitch that will appeal to all readers.

The Complete Book of Running by Amby Burfoot – As a huge fan of Runner’s World, both the website and the magazine, I had to grab their publication of all things running. Burfoot asks the experts and inserts her own words of wisdom throughout this book. Topics range from injuries to training programs to cross-training to women’s running to nutrition. If you’ve ever had questions about running, this is the book for you!

Live to Tell by Lisa Gardner – I’ve never read any of Gardner’s works before, but am excited to finally be listening to her latest on cd. Suspense surrounds Detective D.D. Warren as she embarks on her latest gruesome case. Disturbed children, a murdered family, a psychic and a burgeoning love interest rest in the heart of Gardner’s latest thriller. I love crime shows and crime novels and am looking forward to how Gardner’s intriguing story unfolds.

That’s what I’ve been reading – what have you been reading?