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Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

While books would be the easiest buy for the writer or reader in your life, below are a few fun gifts for all those budding authors.




Moleskins – These handy little books come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Easy to pack in any bag and with their stylish look they make a great gift for writers to jot down notes as they go through their days.


Vintage typewriter braceletTypewriter keys make some great jewelry. From cuff links to bracelets to necklaces, these fashionable accessories are fitting for any writer.




Writing retreat – Okay, this may not be the most economical choice for many gift givers, but it would still be an awesome gift! Any writer looking for more time to spend on their craft would most likely love the chance to get away from distractions if only for a weekend. If spending the money on a retreat isn’t realistic, then create a “Day Away” certificate for your writer to spend a few uninterrupted hours away so they can work in peace and quiet.



Author pillows – Treat that bibliophile to fun yet utilitarian pillow covers featuring classic authors. Found at (which has a ton of really great gifts in general), these would make a perfect holiday gift.

Happy writing! 🙂

Runner Sami’s Last Minute Gift Guide

It is almost the eleventh hour (and if you’re a Hanukkah-celebratee, what have you been doing??) for buying all those wonderful, thoughtful gifts for all your loved ones. I’ve learned some tricks over the years to help with my gift-buying procrastination, but here are some ideas for those of you who are still stuck for quality gifts to give this holiday season.

1. Magazine Subscription – It’s inexpensive and lasts for an entire year, what’s not to like?

2. – For those who like to support local artisans and give unique, great quality gifts.

3. Books (of course) – I love matching the perfect book to someone and can be bought anywhere from your local bookstore to a supermarket.

4. Gear – Know someone sporty or active? Grab a book on hiking or a pair of Smart Wool socks or a cool water bottle and you’re sure to win.

5. Games – Easy to find for low prices at Target or Toys R Us, there are a million different games from cards to board bound to fit any personality.

6. Date Night – For someone special, give a card for a date night. Plan thoughtful, creative activities for you and your loved one to do like see a movie, indoor picnic, planetarium, bowling, or wine bar. There are always special deals to be found on different nights if you search online or in local newspapers!

7. Baked goods – If you enjoy baking, what better way to show you care than to take the time and effort to whip up a batch of someone’s favorite cookie! Wrap it in a decorative box for that extra touch. If you don’t bake, many local bakeries offer holiday deals for their tasty treats.

8. Spa Specialties – I love getting pampered as I know many women do, but I rarely like to spend money on myself for spa treatments. Massages, pedicures, facials, manicures, it just feels great to get that special attention.

9. Homemade crafts – This isn’t just for kids to make their parents anymore. With our economy, it’s nice to spend time making someone something special that they’ll enjoy. Use your talents and interests, but here are some suggestions: hot chocolate in a jar (you can do many recipes with this idea, the idea is to pour, add liquids, and enjoy!), knit a scarf, hat, mittens, etc., hand painted Christmas tree ornaments, photo collage (or you can use shutterfly or snapfish to put a favorite photo on a placemat or pillow case).


10. Gift cards – I’m not a fan of gift cards because they are so impersonal, but they do make a great gift for those looking to save on postage when mailing a gift or for someone you don’t really know that well like teachers, librarians, or your postal worker.

Happy Holidays!

It’s That Time of Year Again

Yes, folks, it’s that wonderful time of year again – birthday season.

There are two BIG EVENTS that typically occur in the falltumnal season – Weddings and Birthdays. Which means lots and lots of moola flying out of my moth-ridden wallet and into great and fabulous gifts for friends and family. I could go into the drama that’s involved in weddings these days and heaven help you if you’re actually in the wedding, but let’s focus on the ten birthdays within two weeks I have.

I have different strategies but here are some of my latest and greatest:

1. Magazine subscriptions: always a favorite, inexpensive and keeps giving all year long!

2. Gift cards: convenient and easy to use.

3. Homemade gifts: I like doing crafty things and they make for very inexpensive gifts but if I don’t have time I’ll check out my favorite homemade website:

4. Online gifts: Unlike other females I’m not a fan of shopping. If I have to go to an outlet or mall, I have a list, I go, get what I need, and get out! But online I can get whatever I need in a matter of minutes without wasting time and energy driving around to various stores and battling mobs of angry shoppers. Brilliant! (Tip: keep a list of potential gifts by your computer and wait for free shipping then order everything at once – cheaper and proactive!)

When you have a ton of presents to buy, what do you like to do?