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Pilates Power

PilatesEvery time I read up on great exercises I can do to improve my running and come back from my injury I come across moves that I typically do in my pilates class. The only problem is I hadn’t gone to pilates in weeks. Knowing that every week that passed that I skipped my pilates class was a missed opportunity to improve on these areas, yesterday I decided I had to go to class that evening. I threw on my workout clothes, laced up my sneakers, grabbed my mat, and headed out.

I’d forgotten how refreshing going to class was. I felt rejuvenated head-to-toe. And sore! But a good sore, letting me know the exercises were working all the right muscles. It also reminded me how much I appreciate all the camaraderie and support I find there. My instructor is wonderful. Super sweet and encouraging with such a positive energy it’s impossible not to smile even when she’s pushing us through difficult movements. My fellow pilates goers were also quick to give me words of encouragement. I’m already excited to go back. I’ll be back to running before I know it! 🙂


Friends and Food

There’s nothing like sharing a good meal with close friends. After rock climbing Friday night I went with some friends to try an Afghan restaurant that my friends absolutely love and rave about often. The name of the restaurant is Silk Road and it’s in Warren, NJ.

The ambience was nice – quiet, cultural (I’m assuming) decorations, set within two small sized rooms. The staff was friendly and attentive except for one spacey guy who I’m not sure even knew he was actually supposed to take our orders and then actually bring those orders to us. Such a concept!

I had no idea what to expect from the food and went with an open mind. It wasn’t very spicy at all but had lots of flavor. I had an appetizer of rice wrapped in grape leaves (a cold dish and not my favorite) and bholani which was a pastry filled with spices and potato and was very good. They have a lot of rice and kabob dishes and I tried an orange spiced rice dish (Naringe Palaw) with a side of vegetarian dumplings – both had a lot of flavor and were very tasty.

For dessert I shared a plate of Elephant Ears – flat pastry with powdered sugar – and a Turkish coffee. I could have passed on the pastry as it was nothing special but the Turkish coffee was very interesting. It’s a really, really thick coffee served in espresso cups that can be likened to taking espresso grounds stirring in hot water and serving it. It was fun to try something new, but I think I’ll stick to American style coffee and Italian style espresso still.

Silk Road was a great restaurant and I would definitely recommend it to someone who enjoys trying new, ethnic foods. I would have to say that the best part about going out to eat however is the company. Great conversations, lots of laughter and I’m looking forward to the next time we all go out again.