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Spring Weather = Outdoor Fitness Fun

springbikingMy mood always improves as the weather grows warmer, the days grow longer, and the sun shines more. This means I can take full advantage of all the other outdoor activities I love. So while I continue with my strength training routines at the gym, I’m eager to bask in the sunshine. Biking, disc golfing, walks, maybe even a little pitch & putt.

Recently, my wife and I found an amazing place a short drive from our house called Duke Farms. At 2,740 it’s one of the largest areas of privately-owned undeveloped land in the state. With 18 miles of trails, paved and unpaved, it’s ideal for walks with children, biking, running, or hiking. There’s even a family of eagles you can watch or view over the farm’s Eagle Cam! Cool! You can hop on a little tram that goes around the trails if you get tired of trekking. While it’s open year-round, we visited for the first time a couple weeks ago – it was absolutely beautiful! Our family is already looking forward to our return visit. 🙂


A Great Day for Up

  One of my favorite Dr. Suess books is a Great Day for Up. There are some books that are just so fun and whimsical that I can’t help but get in a good mood whenever I read them. And with the sun shining and the birds chirping, my thoughts wander to some of my favorite childhood books.

There’s something almost mystical about remembering those books. Almost like I’m revisiting a dream I once had. I have so many great memories surrounding the books I read; My dad reading The Secret Garden to me and my siblings at our family’s cabin in Vermont, me reading Encyclopedia Brown on my parent’s bed for so long that I woke up with my face pressed as a bookmark between the pages, sitting with my brother and sister and reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Of course, being raised as a book lover, there are hundreds more each with a special link to some memory in my past. I’m sure you have many such memories as well. I’d love to hear them!

Happy reading! 😀

When the Going Gets Tough

You ever have one of those weeks that seems to conspire against your best laid plans?

Last week my dad went into the hospital after a sudden blackout and fall while playing tennis. Turns out, after many tests, he needed a quadruple bypass. This news came as a huge shock to not only my family, but everyone who knows my dad. He’s not overweight and instead is very active, always playing tennis or lifting weights. So since last week I’ve been traveling between PA and NJ to see him and be with my family.

Life throws curve balls. I just wrote about scheduling writing goals and as I was getting geared up to get on my writing frenzy and wrangle my novel into submission, life had different plans. While it’s difficult to understand why things happen the way that they, these events also serve as reminders of what’s truly important to each of us.

Thankfully, Dad is doing fine and on the road to recovery, but it did give me plenty of time to reflect not only on the value of my family and taking the time to enjoy every shared moment, but it also made me appreciate the every day joys of being healthy and being able to do all those things I love. Here’s to not wasting any of those moments.

Happy Father’s Day!

   My favorite Dad memory, rather memories, were our semi-regular breakfasts. It’s funny how the most routine events are the ones that mean the most later in life. I think it’s because of time rather than money spent, but I digress. Back to the Dad breakfasts…

There are four kids in my family, but my younger brother didn’t come onto the scene until I was fifteen so for the most part there were just the three kids in the breakfast rotation. Because my dad had to work a lot these breakfasts were a special time spent where each of us could have his undivided attention for that morning.

One of the best parts, aside from the Dad time, was that Dad let us pick where we wanted to go out that morning. Of course when I was young “fancy” was getting a sausage, egg and cheese croissant at Burger King. And orange juice. I would eat each part of the sandwich individually too, just to prolong the sublime dining out experience. 🙂 Then when I got a little older and my tastes refined, Dad and I would head to a local diner instead. We’d talk about everything. School, his job, religion, current events…it was wonderful. These breakfasts taught me that it didn’t really matter where we ate, it had everything to do with time alone with my Dad and his undivided attention.

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