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Dystopian Novels

  I’m a huge fan of dystopian novels, especially dystopian YA novels. There’s something about man reaching the brink of everything – sanity, food, fuel, and other resources – where everything he knew has been stripped away and left him forced to fight or die that appeals to me. I want to think that I’d kick some butt if ever faced with such a grim scenario,  but I’m pretty sure if there were ever a zombie apocalypse, I’d be toast. I’ve seen what people are like when faced with a snow forecast and I’m sure I can compete with milk-crazed loonies let alone flesh-eating ones!

During my research regarding past Pitchapalooza winners I stumbled upon Gennifer Albin which led me through a delightful online maze of resources and new (and old) dystopian novels and authors. Albin’s series begins with her debut novel Crewel, release date October 2012, and features a 16-year old girl who is chosen to become a Spinster, but weaving the fates of others isn’t what Adelice wants. I’m already looking forward to this one, but in the meantime check out Gennifer’s website HERE.

Then I stumbled upon a dystopian goldmine in the form of The League of Extraordinary Writers which features debut YA dystopian authors. Awe-some! 🙂 Not only are there many great books and authors on the site, Julie Karr, Beth Revis, Elana Johnson, and Jeff Hirsch to name a few, but I’m discovering authors I’d never heard of before! Susanne Winnacker is a British author whose debut novel The Other Life is being released in the US in May 2012. It’s already been released in the UK and after seeing her website and her incredible book trailer, I may just have to order it before it’s scheduled US release date. It gave me the shivers just watching the trailer. My only gripe is that the UK cover is a thousand times better than the US cover. Why is it that we keep getting waifish, girl, stock photo covers? The UK cover is intriguing and the colors are perfect in their sparseness. Yet another reason to order the UK version! I’m not even going to tell you the premise of the book, so you have to go check it out for yourself! 🙂