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Comic Con!

 This past Friday I attended the New York Comic Con. It was insane! And a little overwhelming… I loved it, being the nerd that I am, and found every minute of my time there packed with exciting things to do and see.

Having never gone to a comic con before, I had only the Internet and word of mouth to go on for what to expect. MTV had a helpful website filled with a bunch of posts on “Top 10” lists on how to navigate the unfamiliar territory. Despite the whirlwind of events, here are the things that stuck with me the most:

1. The welcome packet mentions: You can’t bring swords or other weaponry into the event and showers help make for a fun event. Just the fact that those things need to be mentioned showed me early on what I was in for.

2. Wall to wall people in costumes. Most are happy to pose for pictures as they get to imagine they are the heroes they dressed as if only for the day.

3. Panels rock! I got to sit in on several great, great panels including: It Gets Better Through Comics, a screening of a TV adaptation of Locke & Key (looks good, but creepy), and a discussion with the writers and cast of the SyFy series Haven (a favorite of mine….I may have actually drooled just a little when they came out on stage.)

4. Writer & Arists & Agents, oh my! One of my favorite parts of the experience was being able to talk to people. Everyone I met, even if you didn’t buy something, was super friendly, kind and more than willing to chat about their work, their philosophies and their upcoming projects. They get to publicize and you get to chat with some amazing, talented individuals.

5. Meeting one of my graphic novel heroes, Terry Moore. He wrote Strangers in Paradise, Echo, and, currently, Rachel Rising. If you ever want to read a phenomal story with equally wonderful illustrations, he illustrates his graphic novels too, read Terry Moore. With strong female characters who can kick butt one minute and show a sensitive side the next, it’s impossible not to be drawn to these tales.

6. Artist Alley. While some artists will charge a buck or two for a sketch, most will make a sketch for you because they are so nice. I brought a small sketchbook that is now dotted with great illustrations from some of the best artists in the business. If I were to go again, I would bring dollar bills and also something to trade as artists seem to work on a barter system as well.

Definitely check out Comic Con if you can, it’s worth experiencing at least once. 🙂