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Tales From the Library

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s been another gratified and profoundly rewarding week at the library where I work. Here’s another great story for you:

Yesterday, there was  long line of patrons waiting for my excellent customer support and I was with another patron checking out a stack of books that I’m pretty sure reached the ceiling, so it was busy! In the midst of this normal library funocity an older woman charges through the library door and straight for my computer station at the end of the circulation desk. She glares death daggers at me until I turn to her and ask if I could help her. Well, that was the wrong question to ask as she proceeds to rant about how the bathroom doesn’t have any paper towels and what was I going to do about it?! I told her kindly, I do respect my elders after all, that those bathrooms were a part of the municipal building and the library was not responsible for them, but if she wanted to mention it to someone in reception I’m sure they would take care of it. Well! That just sent in her into a tizzy of exclamations over how did I expect her to dry her hands and I should really take care of it and I needed to do something RIGHT NOW! After I pointed out that I was helping someone and would take care of it when I was finished, she stormed off to share her senility with someone else I suppose.

And, no, I didn’t replace the paper towels. 🙂

On the flip side of my ever quirky job at the library, a Cheesecake Factory just opened up in the county so to help spread neighborly cheer and give their servers time to practice their serving skills and learn the menu, the restaurant invited the libraries in the county to participate in a free meal this week. Not everyone was able to go as there was limited space, but I was one of the fortunate few chosen! Yay! That means my girlfriend and I get to partake in a meal at one of her favorite restaurants for FREE! Sweet. It is a pre-set meal and we’re both vegetarian, so we may not get to eat everything on the menu, but there will definitely be dessert! 🙂

So that’s the excitement for my week. Hope you’re enjoying yours as much as I am mine! 😀