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Are You a Fan of Fad Runs?

Color_RunThere is a new breed of racing running rampant around the country. Tough Mudder, Spartan, Mud Run, Zombie Chases, Color Runs, and now Electric Runs (think neon lights and glow sticks). Bored with running a 5k? Not interested in a PR? Want to entice your non-running buddies into joining your uber-fun relay team? Don’t worry! There’s a whole slew of new, exciting races just for you! At least that’s what the organizers of these new races would like you to think and get you to sign up for these runs. More expensive than their same-distance counterparts, these new fun runs are filled with anything and everything that might keep your attention. And if your interested in obstacles and entertainment more than running, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m personally not a fan of these new fad runs. I like to run in races. That’s it. Run. No bells and whistles, no undead hunting me down, no sprays of color exploding in my face. I’m glad that these runs get people out and active. What I don’t like is the danger element involved in the obstacle-centered ones like the mud runs and their counterparts. While the risk of injury is minimum, it’s still a definite factor. More and more reports are coming out of people being seriously hurt or killed during these runs. The most recent report was of a man who drowned in one of the obstacles at a Tough Mudder in West Virginia in April. It sounds like negligence on the part of both the race organizers and those they hired to man the stations, but here’s the article so you can judge for yourselves. On a more personal note, a friend of mine recently signed up for a run that was supposed to be just a fun run with some friends. She returned with her elbows and knees bruised and bloodied due to the army crawls under low hanging wires. Problem was the ground was littered with small stones that dug into her arms and legs as she maneuvered through the obstacles. She didn’t want to complete some obstacles but because of the mass of people pushing around and behind her felt forced to do so.

While I don’t think all these new fad runs are dangerous, I think that because of their popularity race officials should be more aware of the potential injuries or dangerous situations that might occur and prepare accordingly. And if you love these runs – great! It’s always fun to find new, exciting challenges that get you and your friends running.

Happy running! 🙂


Book bloggers UNITE!!!

When Meghan Cox Gurdon wrote “Darkness Too Visible” in her Wall Street Journal on June 4, I doubt she had this kind of widespread outrage in mind. Authors and readers all over the blogosphere and twitter landscape have been voicing their vehement  dislike for Ms. Gurdon’s myopic article on YA literature.

When I taught junior high in CA I had to deal with parents like Gurdon who would rather tattle to the local (or globally read) newspaper on what they deem as “right” rather than talk to someone who is actually knowledgeable on the subject and find a solution. Or at least understand the other side of their debate more thoroughly bashing it.

But, alas, people like Gurdon will continue to give their biased, closeted opinions and others will continue to have to suffer because of it.

While there are posts aplenty ringing loudly in protestation, Mr. Christopher John Farley has written a blog post I thought was very well done. To read it, click HERE.

(For more views, opinions, posts, tweets and more, check out #YASaves on Twitter.)

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