Support Your Local Brewery

sylbCraft breweries are popping up around the country like crazy. I love tasting new brews and there never seem to be a shortage of them. Recently I stumbled upon a logo for supporting local breweries., the site behind the logo, has a plethora of great information for everything beer. Anyone can sign up to be a member and receive news and information from the site.

Curious about what craft breweries were in New Jersey, I clicked on the link for my state. There were a ton! I pride myself on being in the know when it comes to the breweries around me, but was surprised by the number I’d never heard of. Several are in the works of being built or growing their business, but there was one that I happened to find at the perfect moment – the opening of the brewery and the creation of their first batch of distributed beer. Cool!

Flounder Brewing Co. is a brand new craft brewery right down the road from me in Central Jersey. Their first batch of beer, Hill Street Honey Ale, is an American Ale brewed with New Jersey harvested honey. I’m super excited to try it and judging from the amount of followers they have on their facebook page, many others are too. One thing I appreciate as a beer enthusiast, aside from a good product, is a well-maintained website and regularly updated social media sites. Flounder Brewing Co. has both. When I posted on their facebook page I received a response within an hour – impressive!

I can’t wait to drive over to tour their brewery and be a part of supporting my local brewsters. 🙂

  1. I recently found this site which you might find interesting too – lots of local events listed on there.

  2. I will be checking that link soon! I used to work with a guy from Germany. He said that if you went to each village, town and city in Germany and had just one beer from each brewery you would never get to all of them in a lifetime.
    America is beginning to look a lot like that. I guess I have my work cut out for me!
    Here in the Boston we have Sam Adams, Harpoon and my favorite, Smuttynose in New Hampshire.

    • I toured Sam Adams the last time I was in Boston and really enjoyed the brewery. Not only did they pour glasses and glasses of samples with their tours, but they gave everyone a free glass with their logo. One day I’d like to try their Utopia – 27% and around $200 a pop – wow!

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