Writer’s Dream

One day… *sigh*



  1. Ha! Great picture!

  2. I have seen these, and they are fantastic. You really can buy one. 🙂 It’s my dream as well. I love typewriters.

  3. I regret throwing out my manual typewriter, but not because I miss working on it. I liked the look of it, but thought it was a pain to type on.

    This does look cool, though.

  4. Looks fun! Although for me it’s not really the feeling of a type writers keys beneath my fingers that attracts me, it’s more the font type mixed with a papers texture and the imperfect result created… along with the romance of something written, something ‘analogue’ as compared to something digital. This captures the motion but not the emotion. Without the latter the other doesn’t matter I believe?!

    • Good point, Brett. I also think of typewriters as having a certain romantic quality which is somewhat lost without that tactile words on paper feel.

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    • September 11th, 2012

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