Fun Projects Around the House

  Lately, every free minute has been spent working on various home improvement projects around the house. Our house has been a whirlwind brought on partly because the pipe behind the shower sprung a leak which then went into the garage. After the plumber had been called and various holes had been gouged into the drywall, we decided maybe it was time to do other renovations after we got the now gaping holes in our home repaired.

Now, the garage is patched and waiting on a new coat of paint. The bathroom wall is hole free and repainted from deep brown to a light blue – still a shock to the eyes after having such a dark bathroom for so long! I’m going to work on a series of paintings to hang in the bathroom to complement the blue. I just finished refurbishing some old wooden boxes that will now house books and other odds and ends – they turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself. 🙂

Of course now that I’ve started my little projects the list seems to keep growing. Funny how that happens…

  1. Thanks for the great painting tips. I’ll tell my friends about your blog next week when i am painting the house.

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