Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

People always talk about the benefits of running, but what about for 15 minutes of fame? Zeddie Little’s “ridiculously photogenic” photo was snapped during a 10k race in South Carolina and has since gone viral on Twitter, Facebook after it was uploaded on Flickr. Little even had an interview on Good Morning America and his story has been run on news sites all over the web. Running really does have great benefits! πŸ™‚


  1. If you ask me, B7224 and B7225 aren’t too bad either and aren’t wearing wedding rings. Everybody was having fun!

    • One of my friends said the same thing! Too funny.

      • On a subliminal basis I think it’s the reason I became a sports doctor. Healthy people are just fun to be around. Healthy body usually means a healthy mind.

  2. Because of this guy, whenever I see a camera at a race, I will forever give them my best smile.

    • alissagrosso
    • April 11th, 2012

    As you know I used to run, but somehow none of the pictures snapped of me during races look remotely photogenic. The closest I come to a smile is when I’m grimacing in pain. Because of this a part of me believes that RPG’s pic is not completely candid. Anyway it’s a great and slightly bizarre story.

  3. That IS a ridiculously good shot! I always kind of check mine out post-race with one eye closed and squinting sideways out the other to lessen the blow of what my “run-face” looks like πŸ™‚

    • I think most of us fall into the “not photogenic” category, although maybe now more people might fuss a little more about their appearance before lacing up!

  4. I need to have his mindset when I run!

  5. Perhaps he’s smiling because he’s just been caught checking out the two girls in front…

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