Are Newtons the Next Running Craze?

   I have a confession to make. I’m a sucker when it comes to neon workout gear. So when I saw the latest issue of Runner’s World and its article on Newtons running shoes with all the glossy, brightly colored photos of brand spanking new shoes, I was a goner. Utterly. Hopelessly. Done for. I am that person that advertisers hope to attract. The raccoons of the human race. The ones that see something bright and shiny and must have it. Ok, maybe I’m not that bad, but that was my initial reaction. And that coupled with my interest and intrigue with the concept of minimalist running, made me want to read all about Danny Abshire and his neon shoes.

Without reiterating the entire article, Abshire wanted to make a shoe that would “Make you run like you were born to run” (a slogan on the Newton website). After years of research and development, Abshire made the latest addition to the Newton family of shoes, one that has a lower heel-to-toe drop that promotes a forefoot strike. Ideally, one should run on her forefoot not her heel which, developed properly, will make you more efficient and less prone to injury.

One of the problems of transitioning from a cushioned shoe to a minimalist one (be it a pair of Vibrams or Newtons) is that users are often still running with the same gait as before and therefore not running more naturally and still run the risk of injury. But if a shoe can almost force your gait to change, like the Newton heel drop design, then maybe that’s a good thing. I’m not convinced one way or the other in regards to minimalist shoes vs. more cushioned running shoes, but I do think that Newtons are going in the right direction. Maybe my next pair of running shoes will be a pair of neon Newtons. 😀

Happy running!



    • colleenc1
    • March 17th, 2012

    nice blog! I was raised in Sacramento, had a four year sojourn in NJ, and now reside in East TN. eh. But, I love to run…which, somehow, led me here. In addition to running, I just love to workout – so thanks for the different approaches you have to fitness! I appreciate especially the way you utilize your blog to capture your varied growing interests….mine is boring…it is geared to one thing. You’ve given me something to think about!

    • Glad you enjoy my blog! 😀 It’s always nice to meet people who share my interests. I actually lived in CA for four years before moving to NJ – funny!

  1. Crazy timing! I just heard of Newton shoes for the first time this morning. Then my neighbor texted me this afternoon telling me I should try Danny’s free running clinics on Saturday mornings (I live in Boulder CO where he’s located). And then I see your post on freshly pressed and finally see the… glorious neon Newtons 😀 My Mizunos might be getting a ‘run’ for their money. Great posts- thanks!

    • That is crazy timing – too funny. I’m envious that you live so close to where Abshire does his clinics and might get to join him sometime. If you ever do or try a pair of his shoes, stop on back and let me know!

    • tri-grandma-try
    • March 18th, 2012

    Hi Sam,
    I read Danny’s book a year or so ago…I have been running in Saucony Kinvara 2s. I love them. When I was in Boulder in January I tried on a pair of Newtons. they felt really good! Just wish they were not so expensive! but I may have to indulge!

    • That’s always my hesitation in trying new shoes too. Hope someone gives you a gift cert to your local running store so you can try them! 🙂

  2. Great blog – I’m definitely interested in seeing these types of shoes develop, especially in a minimalist concept. The neon looks super flashy, and would probably turn a few heads on the street or at your next race.

    Will definitely keep my eyes/ears out for these, and how runners are enjoying them!

    Great blog and post btw! keep it up!

    • Thanks! I’d appreciate any feedback on how people are liking the shoes (or not). As opposed to buying them because I’d feel like a superhero… 😉

  1. July 15th, 2012
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