The Second Guess

  The second guess is a horrible game I have a tendency to play when I write. It goes a little something like this:

Type, type, type…

Hmmm…Would Character A really say that?

Delete, delete, delete…

Type, type, type…

Hmmm…Should this scene really be set in ______________ ?

Delete, delete, delete..

Type, type, type…

Hmmm…Maybe I should have Character B wear this color because if they’re wearing this other color than I won’t be able to refer back to on page 237 like I’m sure I’ll want to because the whole novel hinges on the fact that Character A was wearing that exact same color and that’s how my readers will surely know they were long-lost second cousins the whole time!!!!

*Banging head against keyboard*

It’s a dangerous game. And very counterproductive. If I actually listened to myself half the time I’d never get anything done! Although it’s easy said than done, I’ve found what works best for me is to write, write, write, maybe making small changes along the way, and then go through all the nitpicking during the rewrite stage. I figure the story will probably take turns I didn’t foresee along the way anyway, so I might as well go with the flow and work on getting the novel finished. That way I won’t be correcting things I’ll end up needing to re-correct during rewrites anyway!

Do you have any bad writing habits?

  1. I suspect a lot of writers can relate to this. For me, it is easier to keep rewriting what is already done than to take the risk of finishing something. Write on….

  2. Yeah, second guessing can be a real writing hindrance. My worst bad habit is giving up when I hit the tricky middle section of a novel and feel stuck.

  3. LOL Sami… I hear you. I am currently writing non fiction but I can imagine if I was writing fiction I would do the same thing. 🙂

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