The Secret of Success

  I’m reading a book by Bear Grylls called Mud, Sweat and Tears. It’s very good as Grylls is an interesting man and has led an adventure filled life. But when he was twenty, he chose to attempt to gain entry into an elite group of the British Special Forces through a very extensive and grueling program. (Spoiler alert!) After four months of being physically, mentally and emotionally beaten by the rigors of daily instensive training, Grylls failed to finish one of the daily tasks under the time limit given. He was disqualified, disheartened, and entirely spent. But he was given the rare invitation to try out for the Special Forces a second time – but from the start. It was Grylls’ passion and life goal to be a member of this elite team, but that meant going back through the hell he endured the first round plus whatever it took to get him through to the end. Yikes!

  When faced with this crossroads in his life, Grylls writes, “Our achievements are generally limited only by the beliefs we impose on ourselves.” And one of his closest friends advised, “So often, God’s callings have a birth, a death and then a resurrection.” Grylls knew that he’d faced his birth, his death and was now chosing his resurrection. He reentered the training and (another spoiler alert!) made it into the elite British Special Forces.

But what struck me was what Grylls said about the beliefs we impose on ourselves. I’m a firm believer that faith and looking to the successes of life will make us successful. Our successes may not always manifest in ways we had invisioned, but I believe that if you want something enough that you’ll put the work into making that goal happen.

When I was younger my dad asked a neighbor if she had read anything interesting lately, as he was an avid reader himself. She responded that she loved to read, but she just didn’t have the time. Later, he said something that’s stuck with me all these years – “If she truly loved to read, she would make the time.” It’s so true. I realize that it’s not healthy to forsake all else for the sake of another, but I do think there’s a healthy balance where we can still work toward making our goals into success stories.

  1. Great post! And I heartily agree with this. If somebody wants something badly enough, one way or another, they will make it happen.

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