2012 Writing Resolutions

  A new year means new goals for many people. This morning I ran a 5k called the Resolution Run because for me it’s sets a perfect tone for the new year. Well, that and you get a kick butt hooded sweatshirt each year. 🙂

Part of the race packet given out to all entrants is a list of people’s resolutions for the new year. As I read through them I noticed that many revolve around the common goal of weight loss. Run more, eat better, stay healthy, feel great. Some were more personal – find someone to love, spend more time with my family, get out of debt. And some were funny. My favorite was “My 2012 Resolution: 2450 x 1080 pixels.” 😀

Personally, I like to make resolutions throughout the year just because I’m more likely to keep a resolution if I say I’m going to make a change and then implement it immediately rather than waiting for a new year. But I do make goals for things I’d like to accomplish for the upcoming year. My big goals for this year? Finish writing my next YA novel. Find a agent. Keep working toward getting published.

I’m working toward this goal already by: 1. Making time to write (and making more time!!)  2. Building my social networking platform 3. Reading great articles about writing 4. Reading, reading, reading 5. Finding a great writing group to help critique my work.

What are your writing goals or goals in general for the new year?

Happy 2012!!! 😀

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