Winter’s Here: Cold Weather Running Gear

  With the first snow already hammering the East Coast in October, I’m not optimistic when it comes to having a mild winter this year. It’s forced me to think about how I’m going to continue my outdoor running while staying warm and not falling on my tukhus. 😉

Although there are many great cold weather running options, I’ve listed a few of my favorites. And while the items below are the clothes and I gear I favor, I always try to buy bright colors or, if that’s not possible, gear that has reflective strips is a good second choice. Cold weather almost always goes hand in hand with less daylight making it even more important to buy bright colors that are easy for motorists to spot.


Nike Element  – This lightweight jacket makes for a great transition jacket going from cold to colder. I like to switch over to a heavier Nike jacket that’s full zip and has thumb holes and pockets inside the sleeves that you can tuck your hands into once it dips below freezing. Not only do these jackets wick sweat, but they keep you warm while still having plenty of ventilation. The only downside is that they don’t cut wind as much as a wind-breaker type of running jacket would, but because I don’t live in a super cold area these other jackets work perfectly.




Nike Long Sleeved Dri Fit Shirt – I layer as needed when it starts to get cold and I love my dri fit shirts. They wick away sweat and keep me warm and comfortable during my run.





  Nike Women’s Running Tights – I have a couple pairs of running tights that are very similar. I prefer ones that have no zippers up the calves and a pocket to keep a car key or gel pack. Running tights are surprisingly warm so I’ve never layered anything like socks or skirts or shorts over them, although some women like to do this for either added warmth or because they feel more comfortable than just wearing curve-hugging tights alone.





SmartWool Running Socks – Wool running socks? You’ve got to be kidding, right? That’s exactly what I thought until I tried a pair. Now I wouldn’t try anything else. They keep my feet warm and blister free even during my long winter runs.

SmartWool Beanie – Once again SmartWool makes a great product that keeps me dry and wicks the sweat away. It is definitely worth spending a little extra money to get such a quality product.


  Stablicers & YakTrax – To be honest I’ve always wanted to try these over my running shoes to see how they work for me. However, anytime I would use them the snow is too deep and my shoes would get soaked in minutes. Maybe this will be the year. If so, I’ve heard that the Stablicers, although more money, are more comfortable and work better than the more commonly used YakTrax, so I’d invest in those first.

As for gloves, there are several pairs that look great, but I tend to go the cheaper route and buy the three packs of cheapo black gloves from Target and those have always gotten the job done for me. 🙂

Hope you’ve gotten some good ideas. Happy running! 😀


  1. My must have item is ‘Tooks’ – headphones in a headband. Brilliant. My ears are warm and I don’t have earbuds pressed in my ears.

    I also like gloves that let my finger tips appear. This is handy when I want to change my playlist, etc…

    I just posted on winter running today too. It’s the season! Goodluck.

    • I’ve never heard of Tooks before, but they sound great! I’ll have to look into getting a pair. I read your post on my email and was just about to stop by and leave a comment. You beat me to it! 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried the “smart wool” socks yet, but will definitely give them a try. I hope they come in a style with toes (I wear Vibram FFs).

    UnderArmour ColdGear makes some great winter running duds, as well. I’ve worn their mock turtles even when not working out. Very snuggly.

    The hubby got me a UA “hood” to wear last year. It’s awesome. It covers your face and neck (opening for eyes, of course), and the bit covering the mouth is adjustable so you can cover when super cold, or pull it down to your neck when its not. Super light, but super warm. I highly recommend it.

    I’m glad you posted this. It’s time for me to pry my behind up off the chair and get moving again. Well, maybe *after* NaNo . . . :p

    • Smart Wool does makes five fingered socks! Yay! That hood sounds perfect for cold days. UA definitely makes some quality running gear as well. Maybe pumping through a run will get your creative juices flowing for NaNoWriMo. Win-win! 🙂

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