It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

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Another rainy week, but was still able to get out for a couple long runs to keep up with my half marathon training. My race, the half-marathon portion of the Philadelphia Marathon, is only a couple of months away now which is crazy! I feel like I’m on track with my training though, so I feel confident with my ability to be ready by Nov. 20. Yay! 🙂

I’ve been a reading fool these past couple of weeks and since I didn’t get a chance to post my reads last week, they’ve been piling up! I’m still waiting eagerly for the highly anticipated latest release from one of my fav authors, Louise Penny called A Trick of the Light, (if you like English style mysteries, you have to read her books! Start with Still Life, the first in the series…) but since my library is being agonizingly slow, here’s what I’ve been reading in the interim…

  The Body in the Transept by Jeanne M. Dams – The first in the Dorothy Martin mystery series about a widow who lives in an English village and quite inadvertently becomes the local Miss Marple. Charming and clever with great characters, this series is perfect for those crisp days spent curled by the fire. In the traditional English mystery style of writing, readers will be delighted by the mystery without having to be faced with the violence or high suspense found in many thriller mysteries.

  The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler – Touted as the greatest crime writer to come out of Sweden, following the likes of Steig Larsson, and international best seller, I couldn’t help but pick up Kelpler’s book. In direct opposition to my beloved English-style mysteries, Kepler’s novel presents a unique element in the hiring of a hypnotist in solving a brutal crime. And while I think I know where the story is going (I’m listening to this on CD and the narrator is very good), Kepler spins such a descriptive tale in a distinctive voice that I’m thoroughly enjoying my dark car rides.

  Invincible, Vol. 1, by Robert Kirkman – Kirkman may be best known of late for inspiring the gruesome Walking Dead TV series, but Invincible didn’t disappoint either. Filled with unique characters and lots of action, it made for a fast read.

  The Wandering Son: Vol 1 by Shimura Takako – This was my first time reading any of Takako’s work and I am completely a fan now! Between the crisp illustrations and the intriguing story line, I spend through this thick mango volume in a day. The story revolves around a young boy who feels more comfortable dressed as a girl and a girl more comfortable dressed as a boy. The story touches on the beginning of their self-discovery so it hasn’t gotten into any deeper into how this affects their families and their friends, etc., so I’m already eagerly waiting on the next in the series. I don’t know of many authors willing or capable of touching on transgender topics and I appreciate it when topics I’m not familiar with are written about in kind and insightful ways.

What have you been reading this week?

  1. Those all sound great. Have a fun week.

  2. I saw the Louise Penny book while wandering through B & N the other day….if I hadn’t vowed NOT to buy anything more right now, I would have grabbed it.

    Enjoy your books!


  3. I have been busy reading too, it might be the rain… or maybe all the cardio time at the gym (rather than running outside).

    Have a great week!

  4. Three-quarters of what I read this week was in the form of children’s picture books. Please come see what they were.

  5. These look awesome, especially The Hypnotist.

    I started Ashes by Ilsa Bick and can’t put it down.

    Have a great week.

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