Book bloggers UNITE!!!

When Meghan Cox Gurdon wrote “Darkness Too Visible” in her Wall Street Journal on June 4, I doubt she had this kind of widespread outrage in mind. Authors and readers all over the blogosphere and twitter landscape have been voicing their vehement  dislike for Ms. Gurdon’s myopic article on YA literature.

When I taught junior high in CA I had to deal with parents like Gurdon who would rather tattle to the local (or globally read) newspaper on what they deem as “right” rather than talk to someone who is actually knowledgeable on the subject and find a solution. Or at least understand the other side of their debate more thoroughly bashing it.

But, alas, people like Gurdon will continue to give their biased, closeted opinions and others will continue to have to suffer because of it.

While there are posts aplenty ringing loudly in protestation, Mr. Christopher John Farley has written a blog post I thought was very well done. To read it, click HERE.

(For more views, opinions, posts, tweets and more, check out #YASaves on Twitter.)

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  1. Thanks for linking to Farley’s WSJ blog post. I didn’t read it elsewhere. I skimmed through some of the #YASaves tweets and other bloggers’ reactions. While I completely disagree with Gurdon’s arguments, I’m not one to grab a pitchfork and charge with a battlecry. I liked Farley’s response reflecting on his personal experiences and providing logical arguments.

    • I totally agree with you, Michelle. While I’m with others who want to defend YA literature, I’m not a pitchfork grabbing kinda girl either. I like that it created a dialogue where there might not have been one otherwise.

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