Summer Beers

Ahhhhh, the taste of summer… barbeques and pool parties and dinners on restaurant patios and playing in the sun. While the official start of summer isn’t here yet, summer brews are pouring into a pint glass near you. My favorite beers of the summer are crisp, clean, and fresh. Light but filled with flavor. There’s no reason anyone should be made to drink a Coors light at their buddy’s barbeque with so many more palatable options at their fingertips.

  Summerfest 2011 by Sierra Nevada – This pilsner-style lager is everything I look for in a summer beer. Crisp and refreshing with great flavor. It has a hint of those hops that makes Sierra Nevada unique, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s easy to drink this with a heavy meal and not feel too full. A perfect addition to any barbeque!

  Pyramid Apricot Ale by Pyramid Breweries –  When I first started drinking beers with more flavor, this was the one I gravitated to the most. It’s a great wheat beer that’s doesn’t sit to heavy on your palate. The apricot hints aren’t overwhelming and add a nice twist to a classic wheat beer. Don’t worry, it’s not a “fruity” drink by any stretch and is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any gathering.

  Sweaty Betty by Boulder Beer Company – This blonde wheat ale that has tones of citrus that make this beer a bright addition to any meal. Lighter than other wheat beers, Sweaty Betty is the perfect compliment to that smoked salmon on the grill or to enjoy with friends after work. And the name rocks!

Tire Bite by Flying Dog – I’m a big, big fan of Flying Dog beers. They seem to hit a perfect note with each of their beers. Their golden ale is no exception. This is a mild pilsner, straw-colored that has a combination of malt and German hops destined to make any party a hit. Perfect with white fish, tempura or sushi.

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