Spring Beers

Spring is in the air and that means spring beer!

While I don’t (quite) mark the changing seasons through the new beer selections, I do make a point of visiting my favorite breweries and local beer stores to stock up on what’s new.

Some of my favorite beers aren’t the ones distributed but the ones found at the breweries around my home. Iron Hill Brewery is by far my favorite because not only do they have a frequently rotating beer selection (I’ve never had one I didn’t like), their food is delicious. And, after wanting to take me forever, I’m finally going with my brother to Victory Brewing Company. I’m excited to check out another local brewery and test their wares. We’re having dinner at their brewpub as well.

So while my first recommendation is to find a local brewery/brewpub to sample some tasty seasonal ales, here are some of my other recommendations (hopefully you can find them!):

Garde Dog Biere de Guard by Flying Dog

This is one of my all-time favorite beers. Unfortunately for me, I rarely can find it! It’s a farmhouse ale which means has fuller flavor with a lighter color. It has notes of honey and that wheat taste that accompanies some hefeweizens. It’s a perfect spring beer because it reminds of warm days and beers at a barbecue.


Glissade by Sierra Nevada

This is the perfect winter transitioning into spring beer. This golden bock is smooth and crisp with subtle malt flavors. Just like the name suggests, this beer reminds me of the spring thaw. It’s refreshing and reminds you that spring is on its way!


St. Victorious by Victory Brewing Company

A tradition doppelbock, this dark-colored beer has a rich malt taste that’s smooth to the palate. A perfect beer to warm you up on a chilly night.

And because the beer seasonal releases don’t quite coincide with our actual seasons, you might miss out on the stream of bocks and doppelbocks but check out their brother – maibock!

A maibock is malty like its brothers, but has stronger hops notes to it. And if you love the hops, this is a great dark beer for you.

These are a few of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them! As always, please drink responsibly.

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  1. They all look good, though I seem to keep seeing the Flying Dog van in my travels. So, I think that’s a sign I need to pick up some Flying Dog beer.

  2. I quite fancy one myself now, but I can’t as I’m on call incase my nephew is born (and I’ll have to look after my niece).

    • Very exciting! A quality beer is a great way to celebrate a new addition. 🙂

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