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I love complementing my workouts with weight/strength training. I’ve read many articles and books that encourage women to integrate strength training into their weekly routines. Building muscle burns fat and with time you will look and feel healthier and stronger.

Articles if you want to read more about lifting weights:

Women’s Health: Lose Your Fear of Weight Lifting

Runner’s World: Balance Running and Strength Training

One myth dispelled and one word of encouragement:

One time while I was lifting an older gentleman approached me and told me how he was really impressed with my weight lifting – it was sweet and non-creepy don’t worry. I said thanks and he continued by saying that he wishes he could get rid of his (rather substantial) belly. I told him that the first step was just showing up. He didn’t seem very encouraged by my wall-quote answer. Here’s the encouragement – You will see results. Promise. But like most things in life it takes an investment before you see a pay out. So don’t go once, mope around with sore muscles the next day and never go back. Find a workout buddy, a personal trainer or a class that will keep you accountable so you will stick with your training long enough to see those results. And they will come!

Myth: Women who lift weights will get muscles like a dude

If you are taking any kind of performance enhancing drug then yes, you will look have muscles like the guys on the Jersey Shore. Chances are you aren’t planning on drugs so you have nothing to worry about. (And if you are – shame on you!)

Here’s an experiment if you are nervous about getting ginormous muscles Step One: Go to the gym

Step Two: Do 3 sets of 15 reps of bicep curls with 45lb dumbbells. What?! You couldn’t even lift the 45lb weights let alone do a bicep curl?! Exaaaactly.

Now stop worrying and start strength training!

  1. i love the 2-step program! 🙂 it’s so important to have a balanced training program and strength training has been key to helping me stay strong and minimize injuries. i love it!

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