It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading is brought to you by Sheila @ Book Journey and the letter S.

This weekend was great despite the fact that I had to work on Saturday. I’m a huge football fan and although my poor little Eagles have disappointed me yet again I was thrilled that two of the teams I want to go to the Super Bowl won – the Packers and the Jets. The Jets beat the Patriots in a surprising (especially to Pats fans I would imagine) upset. My girlfriend and I are going over to a friend’s house for a Super Bowl party which is always a fun time.

As for reading, I’ve been burning through my TBR pile despite the fact that it continues to grow. Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Malcolm X by Andrew Helfer and Randy DuBurke – Whenever I don’t know a lot about an important figure in history or any particular subject or world event, I do something probably none of you can relate to – I read a book about it. 😉 I’m sure many of you actually follow in this practice as well and enjoy historical fiction and biographies as much as I do. One way I learn best is reading a graphic novel about someone. I’m a visual learner and I’m more likely to remember facts when they are accompanied by words. (Side note: I think that graphic novels are great tools to use in teaching. Kids who can’t remember notes on a board may thrive if they read graphic novels in addition to the usual textbook/worksheets of a class.) When I found this graphic novel on Malcolm X I knew I had to read it. Gritty black and white illustrations accompany this raw story about a man who changed the history of American and how he became an influential, out-spoken man and a tragic hero.


The Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith – This was a great book! I’m fascinated by all things odd, especially creatures of lore. This novel takes the idea that those myths exist for a reason and it’s up to the Cryptid Hunters to find the creatures and protect them. Grace and Marty are twins who live in a boarding school while their parents travel as photojournalists. When their parents go missing in a helicopter crash and they get whisked away from school by a mysterious uncle they’d never even heard of before, the twins’ world is turned upside down. I think this book was a great first book in the series and I look forward to reading the continuing saga.




The Long Run by Matt Long and Charles Butler – In December of 2005 during a transit strike in New York City, Matt Long, a local firefighter, was biking to work when a 4 ton charter bus made an illegal turn and ran Matt over. Matt was sucked under the carriage of the bus, his body so wrecked and mangled that he had only a 5% chance of living. This memoir is the story of his miraculous survival and subsequent recovery. The primary reason doctors said he survived? He was a runner and a triathlete. His body was in such good shape from staying fit that when his body underwent severe shock and blood loss, his heart was strong enough to endure the trauma. Even while I’m reading and knowing that he recovers (since he wrote the book and all), I keep thinking – “There’s no way he’ll live through this, his injuries are just too extensive!” A great book about family, love, survival, and running.


What about you? Read anything inspirational lately?

  1. I’ve read part of Matt Long’s story in Runner’s World. Very interesting.

    I like books that look into the facts behind myths and stories. The Crypid Hunters sounds good.

  2. Long Run sounds very inspirational. I am also a very big fan of Roland Smith hoped you enjoyed his book. Have a great week!

  3. The Malcolm X book captured my attention…I’m one of those visual learners, so I enjoy reading a book rather than listening to it.

    Wish I could add audio books to my arsenal of tomes, but except for a car ride when I can really pay attention, it wouldn’t work for me.

    Here’s my Monday:

  4. The Long Run sounds amazing and inspiring. Also I can totally relate to you turning to books to learn more about something. I remember after watching The Motorcycle Diaries I decided I needed to read more about Che Guevarra, unfortunately my library only had a bio in Spanish (the others had gone missing) I still valiantly attempted to read it, but my high school Spanish wasn’t enough to get me through that book.

  5. All that football stuff? Right over my head…LOL

    Long Run sounds amazing!

  6. i’ve had the long run for a while now and just started to read it. can’t wait to get more into it!

    • You’ll enjoy it – I can’t put it down! Such an incredible story.

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