This is what it looked liked this morning when I took my dog out for a walk. It was a winter wonderland! 🙂

I worked until 9 last night at the library and kept checking outside to see how the roads were as I have a bit of a far drive on back roads in order to return home. Around 8 it was flurrying but nothing was sticking to the roads so I wasn’t too worried. At 8:30 a thin covering was just on the sidewalks and by 8:45 it was really snowing heavily. By the time I checked the conditions the parking lot was already covered with a blanket of snow! I was able to leave a few minutes early so I had a better chance of getting home safely. I think I may have hit 30mph on my way home it was snowing so hard. I couldn’t even see the lines on the road! Fortunately there weren’t many cars on the road and I made it home without any problems.

I was scheduled to work this morning but the library is having a delayed opening so I won’t be going in at all today. Instead I’m going to continue to work on my book, bike on my indoor trainer and go for a long snowy walk. Even adults get to enjoy snow days every once in a while. 😀

  1. Glad you made it home safely. Enjoy your snow day!

  2. Pretty! Have a wonderful snow day!

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