Fitness Friday!

Winter is upon us.

The trees are leafless, the ground is frost covered, and the air is crisp with the smell of fire and snow. Now is the perfect time to get out your outdoor winter gear and enjoy the cold weather. Despite the fact that the cold sometimes burns my lungs, I would much rather run in colder weather than hot weather. I’ve been collecting winter running gear over the years and am happy with what I now have as I always feel comfortable during a chilly run.

If you are wanting to run outside, but don’t know where to start, here are some essential items I would recommend*:

Hat – Having a warm head is important not only to keep your ears warm, but keeping your head covered is a surefire way to stave off sickness. My fav is my black Smartwool beanie. Soft, warm and wicking!



Gloves – I have to admit I normally go cheap with these and just pick up those two packs of black one-size-fits-all gloves from Target or somewhere akin. Reason is I’d rather spend the extra dough on a jacket that has inside hand covers that allow you to tuck your hands within an inner sleeve layer. My hands always stay nice and toasty!



Jacket – My favorite jacket is my bright blue Nike Element Thermal jacket with its inside sleeve pockets to tuck my hands into and it’s thumb holes for when my hands start warming up. It’s full zip and has a zipper on the sleeve to store a key or cash. I am a big fan of Nike for many reasons one of which being that their clothes often have reflective decals on them that are subtle but effective in the darker days of winter!




Base layer – A wicking base layer is important to keep sweat from your body so you don’t start shivering while you run. I love my long sleeved Nike Miler Base Layer shirt just for those reasons.




Pants – Not everyone love spandex or is comfortable running in them. I love them because they don’t inhibit my running and they are super-warm! My favs are the Nike (yes, I’m obsessed) Element Windless Women’s Running Tights as they (as the name implies) don’t allow drafts and have a pocket tucked inside the back for an ipod, key, or cash.




Socks – Love the Smartwool when it comes to my feet! My toes tend to get really, really cold very fast and I need socks that will wick away moisture so I don’t get blisters while still insulating. I have a range of these (just choose ones that fit your running needs) from thinner and lower to taller and thicker.




Shoes – Whatever shoe fits your foot the best you can use during the winter (for the most part). If it’s icy I throw on a pair of Yak-Trax over my sneaks and I’m good to go.





* I live on the East Coast where winters tend to range from 30s and lower with snow and ice. No temperate climate and no negative wind chills!

When buying any running gear I HIGHLY recommend utilizing the wisdom and support of your local running store. Not only will they offer great discounts on quality brands, but they are very knowledgeable as they are runners themselves.

REMEMBER – Be safe and run on lit roads with reflective gear and always let someone know where you’re going. Happy trails! 🙂

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