Tales from the Library

While I do tend to find the most bizarre and irresponsible stories to share with you, there are also wonderful stories as well. Most people who come through the library are kind and friendly and appreciate the library and all the resources we provide. They’re just not quite as fun to write about. 🙂

Here’s a fun story that made me smile:

A little boy about four or five came into the library with his grandmother. The grandmother was there to pick up a DVD that the little boy had been waiting for. Problem was, the item was on her granddaughter’s library card and she was in school. Because of NJ privacy laws pertaining to library accounts, we need either the card or the child in order to access the account and as the grandmother had neither we were unable to check out the DVD to her.

When the grandmother, who was very understanding, relayed this information to her grandson, he looked at her in all seriousness and said, “Well, I guess we have to pick her up early today then.”

Enjoy your Thursday! 😀

  1. Sounds like a good excuse for getting out of school early! I stopped at my library today, and when I went to check out the librarian told me I had to tell them a joke before I could get my books. Of course when I was put on the spot I couldn’t think of a single joke. Well, at least not one I was comfortable telling to the ladies behind the circ desk. They were nice enough to let me have my books anyway. By the way, I thought of a good one as soon as I was out in the parking lot.

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