Tales From the Library

It’s time again for more Tales From the Library!

In our exciting episode this week, a young heroine saves the day (again) and a crisis is averted.

I love it when things go missing at the library. Not to toot my own horn (why do people say that? one, someone always follows that statement with exactly what they said they weren’t going to do and two, it sounds kinda dirty), but I believe one of my super abilities is to find missing books at the library. I’m like one of those drug sniffing dogs except I find books instead of crack and I don’t sit or bark when I’ve located the item in question. Yesterday, a colleague was trying for a while to find a missing hold for a patron. Frustrated, and aware of my special talents, she asked me to lend an extra set of eyes. Our hold shelves are probably about six shelves high and wrap around the back of the circulation area, so there are several hundred holds at any given time. I walked over to an area and pulled out the hold! It was a W shelved with the S’s and totally hidden among the other holds. After my colleague got over her shock and awe, she told me I had planted it there just to seem special.  🙂

If only I could market these abilities somehow…

This has been another episode of Tales From the Library! Tune in next week for the Case of the Bad Liar.

  1. Sam, this is just one more thing we have in common. In my days at the circulation desk I earned the nickname Obi Wan because one of my coworkers was under the impression that I had some sort of special ability to find things and figure out library mysteries. To tell you the truth, mostly it was just luck.

    • I think mine’s a combo of positive thinking and being an avid mystery reader. 🙂 I hope to one day earn such a cool nickname.

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