A Room of One’s Own

Everyone should have a room to call her own. A place to retreat after a long day. A place to meditate, write, read, blog or just unwind. Whether you dub it a sanctuary or your man cave, I’m sure you have a spot in your house where you can go to escape.

There’s a room in the home I share with my girlfriend that was once an established office space. But, because she knows my pathological affinity for books, she has supported my addiction through the recent purchase of bookshelves for the room. Now, hundreds of my tomes that have, until recently, lay dormant in boxes in our garage (poor things!) now sit on happy perches upon the aforementioned shelves.

If you: A) Find yourself drooling, B) Are trying to read the titles of the books or C) Hear angels singing, then you, my friend, are a bibliophile.

These are most of my books šŸ˜‰ And the shelves are actually quite deep and most of them have another row of books behind the first set. It’s glorious.

It’s a wonderful feeling to walk into the office library and see all my familiar friends. Putting them on the shelves was like getting a ton of birthday presents as I had forgotten what books I even owned! Now I’m in the process of sorting through the rest of the not fun stuff from my boxes (papers, trinkets and the like) and organizing the rest of the library to make it viewable to the public eye.

How about you? Do you have a room of your own? What does it look like?

  1. Yes, and it’s a mess. Though it isn’t entirely my own three cats (as well as their food dishes) and a dog spend a lot of time here as well. I also have a storage unit that is filled mostly with books. Someday though mine too will find their way back on the shelves where they so rightly deserve to be.

    • Sharing isn’t so bad. I occasionally allow others to share my room too – when I’m feeling generous. šŸ™‚

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