Tales From the Library

I wore two new hats as a librarian this week:

Animal Rescuer:

A tiny, tiny snapping turtle – this thing was the size of a quarter – showed up on the library doorstep the other day, lost and afraid. Ok, I don’t really know if he/she was afraid, but looked nervous! Fortunately, a co-worker saw the little guy before it was stepped on and called me over. I picked it up and I was instantly surrounded by a cluster of librarians inquiring about my new friend. A rescue posse was quickly formed. The turtle was consequently put in a small dish and walked down to a nearby creek to live another happy turtle day.

Bank Teller:

A twelve year old and his grandmother walk up to the circulation desk. The grandmother nudges her grandson and kind of sidles away without looking at me. The boy waves a hundred dollar bill at me and asks if we could give him smaller bills for it. I check the drawer to see if we have any change and another librarian says we should probably check with our boss first. She laughs and says – No, we’re a library, not a bank! I tell the kid and he and the grandma go about their business. Good thing too – later I learn that there had been several fake hundreds being pawned off at various stores around the area!

Okay, not really. That would have been a much better ending, but reality is not always that exciting. 🙂

Until next time!

  1. Great stories! I don’t think we ever received any counterfeit money, but someone at the library decided it would be a good idea to have one of those counterfeit pens. It was kind of silly.

  2. We have one too! Yesterday, after I had already written this, another guy came in and asked for change. I asked him if he was using it here because we only gave change to library patrons. He said no, but what’s the big deal? I said, sorry, sir, I can’t give you change. He’s stomps off saying he was going to call and complain and that it was UNBELIEVABLE that we wouldn’t give him change. I turned to my colleague and said, yes, that was definitely unbelievable that a grown man would act like that. Oh boy, the things we have to deal with! 🙂

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