It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

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This week I’ve just started:

The Ark by Boyd Morrison – The back cover of this Book on CD lists Morrison’s many accomplishes including holding a PhD and working for NASA. I haven’t read any of this other novels, but so far the book seems a bit formulaic for me. When the protagonist (hot female) gets “electrical shivers up her spine” – paraphrased – and the other protagonist (hot male) sees his damsel in distress about to die and says, “Not if I can help it,” it just seems a little overdone.  The plot revolves around hot woman’s dad dying in the prologue just as he discovered that Noah’s Ark is real, but there is a threat that is connected to the ark. Then a family friend has figured out what happened only to die an Oscar-worthy death and taking twenty minutes to say keywords to help the daughter find the ark and save the world. (It was really bad. As in – “World” gasp “Save” gasp “Lucerne” gasp “Noah’s Ark” gasp.) And so hot female protagonist with her heaving bosoms and hot male protagonist with his chiseled abs need to save the world. Will they save mankind?? But, more importantly, will they get together?? I’m on edge just waiting to see what happens!

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater – It’s finally here! The anticipated sequel to Shiver has been released and I was at the top of the waiting list to get a copy. But now that I’m reading it, I’m kind of disappointed. I’m going to finish it as I have faith in Stiefvater’s talents, but so far I’m not pulled in the way I was with Shiver. First, it’s been a long time, and many books later, that I read Shiver. I forget what happened at the end but readers are thrown into Linger with the presupposition that we remember everything that happened. Bits and pieces are coming to me as I continue reading, but it mostly made me feel frustrated and confused for the first fifty pages or so. Also, the energy between Grace and Sam isn’t really there. And, hopefully this will be revealed, but Grace’s parents can’t stand Sam for some reason. So far the novel says it’s only because they’re serious about their relationship, but he’s nice and polite so why don’t they like him? Maybe I’m missing an integral part from Shiver. So while it’s a good story thus far, it has yet to make those interpersonal connections that I crave to really draw me into a good YA novel.

What are you reading?

  1. Is it so much to ask to get a “here’s what happened in the first book” page at the beginning of sequels? They do it for tv shows and there is a lot less elapsed time there than between books.

  2. Your review of The Ark made me laugh. I think I’ll pass on this one. Right now I’m reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which I probably should have read years ago, but am only just now getting to.

    • I love Kavalier and Clay. I just listened to Chabon read his autobiography, and latest book, Manhood for Amateurs, and that was great. He’s always been one of my favorite authors.

  3. Linger! Oh how fun! I hope you enjoy and thanks for your thought on The Ark. 😀

  4. I think I am the only person not to have read Shiver, and now, Linger. I may have to rectify my ways!
    Thanks for visiting my blog…I too work at the library, and see Anna Quindlen constantly being added to the HOLD shelf. So far, so good.
    As far as football…I am an Oklahoma Sooner!
    Glad to have found you…I’ve just added you to my RSS feed.

  5. I just finished Linger, and it was awesome 😀 I hope you enjoy it too!

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