Tales From the Library

 Yes, folks, it’s Thursday once again. That means it’s time for – Tales From the Library!

 The ongoing heat of the summer has not helped with the moods of the library patrons. My colleague spent twenty minutes listening to a man argue over when he dropped his book in the book drop yesterday. First, he said it was on Friday, then it was on Saturday, then it was his wife, then he had the audacity to ask her why she wasn’t believing him when he was “telling the truth.” She calmly responded, “Which story would you like me to believe, sir?” And the real kicker of this tale – the fine was only twenty cents!!! 

Yes, you read that right – twenty cents. Oh, man, I hope this heat relents, so people’s brains aren’t completely fried.

My favorite is when people go straight to my boss and argue about a book being absolutely, one hundred percent returned and claiming that if we can’t find the book, then probably “one of your employees took it.” Yes. I am going to steal a book, not check it in, all to spite a random stranger and risk losing my job. That is definitely what happened. Genius!

And finally, a patron comes up to the circulation desk:

“I thought you would have a book I’m looking for, but I can’t find it. It’s for my son’s summer reading.”

“I can check for you, sir. What’s the title?”

“It’s called, Men and Mice.”

Oh, brother.

My favorite moment of the week so far was finding this in the book drop:

If only all patrons were as conscientious!


And yes, the fine was exactly thirty cents. 🙂

My question for this week is two-fold and a little tricky, as most of you are probably fans of your local library already. If you are, maybe you could ask a friend. Many people in the 20-30s don’t frequent their local library. 

Why not and what do you think libraries can do to bring more patrons in from that age-range?

I love hearing your thoughts and comments! 🙂

  1. Love love love The Help picture!

  2. Sami,

    My sister got into a heated discussion with a librarian a few years ago. I don’t even remember what it was about. Anyway, she lost her temper due to her frustration. The next day her conscience was bothering her about her poor behavior (and witness), so she returned to the library and apologized to the librarian. The librarian responded, “Oh it’s okay; I’m used to it.”

    My sister and I always thought that was the saddest response. Who knew librarians had it so rough? But the more I read your stories, I see that you definitely get the patrons who give you stress. I just hope they’re few and far between.

    P.S. I grabbed your button.

    • No worries! Mostly the library and it’s patrons are great. I get really sweet patrons too and it makes my day when I do.

      Thanks for grabbing my button – you totally rock. 🙂

  3. Well, I’m 16, but I kind of haunt my library. I know that they just started a book club specifically for people in their 20s to 30s – but then, I mostly just talk to the teen librarian.
    People really are cranky lately though. It’s kind of sad — I mean, shouldn’t the library be a happy place?

    • Well I’m glad that cranky people don’t keep you from frequenting the library. My thought is always that we can only control our actions, so we have to make them count. 🙂

  4. One of my favorite book stories wasn’t at the library, but overheard at a bookstore. A customer came in with her teenage daughter went to the woman behind the desk and asked if she knew who had written “Dante’s Inferno.” The worst part was that the bookstore employee said, “I should know this. I’m going to have to look it up.”

  5. Haha! Oh man, that’s classic! 😀

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