Tales from the Library

 Ah, another fabulous week at the library. Summer has officially started in library land and business has been booming. Good thing that means more fodder for my library tales! 

Sometimes in situations that try my patience I like to assign mystery titles so I don’t stew too long over the outcome. I like to call this tale:

The Case of the Sneaky Scoundrel

Man calls library complaining that he saw that he still had a DVD and a book checked out on his account. We tell him that he returned the DVD case but the DVD was missing. He lets us know that he returned the book and the DVD at the same time before he left the country and that it was our fault they never got checked it.

Man was irate and uses strong language to tell us as much. He concludes by letting us know that he  would settle this when he returned.

Egad Sherlock!

I was the lucky one who was there when he came in to “deal with the matter.” Man comes up to the desk. He says, “You said I didn’t return these materials.” He hands me a book. “When I came in, I checked the shelves and found the book that is still out on my account. And – oh, look! – I opened it to the back cover and here’s the DVD!”



But, in the library we value returned items, so we took care of the fine and sent the man on his fine-free way. :-/

Thus, the case of the sneaky scoundrel was resolved, if not in the most fair way, the best way for the library.

Just another day in the life of Super Library Lady! 🙂

  1. I remember quite a few sneaky scoundrels from my library days. One man ALWAYS managed to find videos he claimed to have returned sitting on the shelf not checked in. Once or twice, I might have believed him, but this was pretty much a weekly thing for him.

  2. Love the graphic.

  3. Ooo It would be fun to work in a library and collect all these whackadoodle stories. LOVE your blog! Have a good run today 🙂

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