Tales From the Library

When you work at the circulation desk at the local public library you get to interact with very interesting people. Sure, I deal with my share of irate patrons, but those aren’t the ones that stick in my mind (fortunately). No, the ones that I remember most are the people who are so entrenched in their own separate realities that they kind of lose touch with, well, reality.

These stories are too classic to not share, so I’m going to dedicate Thursdays to:  Tales From the Library!

Yesterday morning:

Phone rings while I’m working at the desk. I pick up.

“Hello, Circulation Desk, how can I help you?

“Yes, I was watching a program and it was about something that had the letters EDT or ADT or something like that.”


“Yes, I was wondering if you could tell me what it was about, because I forget.”

“Um…Was it a program at the library?”

“No! It was on TV.”


“Something about hyperactive children or something.”

“Ma’am, I really have no idea what you saw on your TV program, but maybe you mean Attention Deficit Disorder – ADD?”

“Yes! Can I get some books on that at your library?”

“Yes, ma’am, let me transfer you to reference.”

And the great, wise, and all-knowing librarian comes to the rescue again! (Cue dramatic music)

Tune back next Thursday for more – Tales From the Library!

  1. Tales From the Library is a great idea! You should have an endless supply of new material. When I worked at the circ desk we used to keep a notebook on hand that we called the excuse notebook where we jotted down all the excuses people had for why they couldn’t return their books or pay their fines. There were some good ones!

    • W have a similar notebook in our library too. I have a feeling there will be a never ending supply of anecdotes to blog about. 🙂

    • teadevotee
    • June 25th, 2010

    This is an ace idea and presumably one with inexhaustible anecdotes. When I worked at a bookshop, I lost count of the number of times people would come in and say ‘I’m looking for a book. I don’t know what it’s called, or who it’s by, but it’s green’. Oh great! Sure, I’ll be able to find it for you, because I am not only psychic but my magical powers are inspired by colour!
    Wow, apparently I’m still quite bitter. 🙂
    Lyndsey http://www.teadevotee.com

    • Haha! Oh man that’s great! And oh so similar to the interesting people from the library. I’m going to look forward to my Thursday posts. 🙂

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