European Vacation

Sorry about the blog hiatus, I was running around Europe with my girlfriend and didn’t have internet access most of the time. It was absolutely amazing! We visited Switzerland, France and Spain. France was by favorite by far with cobblestone streets, fabulous boutiques and mouth-watering boulangeries (bakeries) and patesseries on every corner.

That’s me in front of the Cote d’Azur in Nice, France.

My favorite part of the experience was the bike tour that we took around the French Riveria. It was through Cyclomundo, a bike touring company that provides a variety of tour packages as well as the option of creating your own tour in various countries in Europe – most being in France. You are outfitted with a hybrid bike (very comfortable), water bottles, sidebags that hook onto the side of the rack on the back of your bike, and a binder of maps and directions. Each bike is outfitted with a kind of board that clips onto the front of your bike into which the maps and directions are placed so you can read while you ride. The trickiest part was figuring out the directions as we didn’t have any sort of odometer and the directions were in kilometers to boot. We only got lost a few times and even then it wasn’t difficult to find our way back to the route we were supposed to be on.

It was a beautiful three-day trek from Avignon to St. Remy to Arles back to Avignon. We biked past fields of poppies and vineyards and olive groves. One day was spent traversing the Alpinnes, the chain of mountains that stretches through the south of France. Our last day was spent battling fierce headwinds that would stop our bikes if we stopped pedaling for even a moment! One of the most difficult physical challenges I’ve ever done but it felt amazing to accomplish such a task.

It was wonderful to take such a great vacation, but it’s great to be back home. 🙂

  1. Sounds like a great trip! Looking forward to seeing you later!

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