Healthy (Injury Free) Running

As a sad, sad runner who is still working on recoperating from knee/ankle injuries suffered from pushing myself too hard, too fast, I am always interested in finding ways to learn from my mistakes as well as keep myself free from any further injuries.

I stretch regularly after my all my workouts (not just my runs), but stregthening your muscles is also crucial to staying injury-free. I ice every day – 15-20 min, although some recommend more often – and have been increasing my mileage/pace no more than 10% per week (yup, learned that the hard way).

IT Band Stretch

I have also heard the benefits of kenesio tape, which you may have seen at the Summer Olympics or on other athletes. It’s benefits are to add support and increase blood flow to the injured area.

Kinesio Tape

Check out Runner’s World for some more great videos and tips on staying healthy and injury free!

  1. Heya another useful item to own is a foam roller. I use this after most runs especially the long ones. It is a great way to ease out tired stiff muscles and prevent injury. Great blog! Happy training!

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