Snow Day

I love a good snow day.. There’s nothing like snuggling into a fluffy blanket with my cup of hot chocolate, my dog Jackson, and a good book. With the library closed and no other pending engagements, I was able to do just that.

I just finished reading Ash by Malindo Lo. This YA novel takes the classic Cinderella tale and adds a whole new twist. Lo does a great job keeping the spirit of Cinderella while also weaving a story that reads very much like fairy tales I read when I was young. The plot, however, defers from those tales with Lo paying more attention to the ethereal aspects of the story. Fairies are used as deus ex machina throughout the story as well as to build tension and guide the protagonist, Ash.

While I thought the novel didn’t flow as smoothly as some other YA novels I have read, I loved it for Lo’s adherence to bringing an age old tale to a contemporary readers. I also love that it includes LGBT characters without being melodramatic about it.

Now, I’m on to Meridian by Amber Kizer which was recommended by a fellow librarian who loves YA lit as much as I do. I’ll keep you posted on what I think! 🙂

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