List Serve

I’m always working on some sort of list, trying to whittle away at it until I can cross it off as being as a finished task. Since my teaching days, my lists are largely “fun” tasks – things I choose to set for myself, rather than things I have to complete.

It’s a great feeling to put a big slash through those items on my To Do list, one by one. It’s a never ending list however because once I’ve completed most of a list, I transfer that shorter list to a new list then add more items that I realize I have to complete as well. And on and on it goes.

Number one on my list today  – FINISH WRITING MY BOOK.

That’s been on there for a while – insert poignant and dramatic *sigh* here. And although I try to list bully myself into submission – ie. ALL CAPS, bold, underline, and written in BIG RED LETTERS – I don’t like being bullied and refuse to listen. Unless I’m in the mood.

Here’s hoping that I will find the motivation to write until my brain goes numb and I have my book in some kind of finished form so that I can finally proofread it and move on.

    • Tori
    • February 17th, 2010

    FYI: blogging is a procrastinational effort on finishing your book. AND looking up that word is too. It’s a word…believe me.

    • Haha! I guess we fall into the same procrastinating boat then huh? Point taken though 🙂

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