So close!

I’ve been writing a novel for the past year and a half. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I absolutely love writing! The first draft I finished in a year – that seemed fast for a first attempt at a novel. I passed this draft along to my mom and brother for their helpful critiques. My mom is an avid reader and has a great sense of how a novel should be set up in terms of character development, plot, descriptions, etc. My brother is a grammar and syntax fanatic and I knew he would rip apart any mistakes I had made.

After they had taken the time and energy to read my novel, I received my precious words back. The bottom line of their critique was that while it was an interesting plot it lacked a lot of the fundamentals that makes for a great novel. My main characters are 17 but acted like children, there was not enough description, and although the story is resolved there was no empathy built for my protagonist and thus there was no feeling of relief or joy when he reached his goals.

Criticisms, no matter what the spirit they are given or how constructive they are, are hard to digest at first. The prospect of having to go back and rewrite ANY part of my novel was overwhelming and daunting – I had, after all, written an entire novel! And now I would have to go back and rework it if I wanted any semblance of a GOOD novel, let alone a publishable one.

Taking those helpful critiques in mind I decided to rewrite my novel in its entirety. Oh man! It was hard work, but six months later I’m a few chapters away from finishing. Yayayayayay!!!!

After I actually finish my novel I will go back to reread and flesh out before passing it along to a generous friend of mine who agreed to proof my second revision – thanks, Alissa! While that will be another big project unto itself I’m so excited to see a finish line in the distance. 🙂

  1. I can’t wait to read it!

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