Recovery Time

Went for my first run in a week and a half – although it seems like a lot longer. My plan going in was to run for two miles at an 11:00 pace. When I make a plan for exercise I like to adhere to it as closely as I can and if for some reason I can’t I feel really guilty. But I’ve learned through my injury that part of becoming better is to listen to your body and not run through pain. Discomfort, okay, pain, no. Before last week I thought that I was just being weak and lazy by not running or working out as hard as I could. Instead of listening to my body’s pain I was injuring it further which led to me having to take the time off to fully recuperate.

I walked at brisk pace for 4 min then jogged at a 10:00 pace until my knee started aching. (I probably leaned to the side of caution as I didn’t want to repeat the extended time off from running again.) I finished by walking at a slow pace trying to lengthen my strides and stretch the muscles in my legs. The whole “running” experience was only 15 min, but it felt so good to run even if it was only a fraction of what I was running a couple weeks ago.

I’m taking today off from running and continuing to ice. Tomorrow I plan on running again for a short time. Have to remember to not increase my mileage or pace more than 10% a week! It’ll be hard, but I’ve realized I would much rather run a little than not be able to run at all. 🙂

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