The Running Blahs

Running definitely affects my mood for better or for worse. It’s amazing to be able to go outside and pound the pavement for miles and live in that moment. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to attain that euphoria due to persistent injuries. In my marathon training I ended up doing too much too fast. Now I’m paying the price. 😦 Let my mistake be a lesson! Increase mileage, speed work and hills SLOWLY. I thought my biggest obstacles in training would be time and mind, turns out it was pushing myself to that injury threshold and getting stuck there.

The advice I received, although more painful than the injury itself, was good – REST! Runners that I have known have a hard time resting. It definitely falls into that four letter word category. But, I’ve been resting and icing my injuries (runner’s knee, strained ankle ligaments) and working on gently and slowly rehabilitating those weak areas. I’ve been keeping active just not on the same level of intensity that I had been. I weight lift every other day, take my dog for long walks, and try to bike a little (only recently). This weekend I intend on slowly integrating running back into my routine.

Here’s the plan:

– Run two miles at a pace at least two minutes slower than my normal running pace

– Take a day off to Rest and Ice, see how my injuries respond to the run

– If they flare up, take more time off to continue Resting, Icing and Strength Training

– Repeat the run until I can run without pain during or after my run

– GRADUALLY increase mileage and pace, doing no more than a 10% increase per week

I’m finding that the most important thing for me to remember is to maintain an active lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits so I don’t end up moping around and feeling even worse. So far so good! 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on my recovery and any new strategies I uncover along the way!

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